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Promotion is important for all types of businesses. The advancement of technology enables the development of new social networks for promotion. It is not only a convenience but also a necessity to be present on new channels.

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Such a platform is Reddit, a fast-growing network for browsing user-generated content. It gets 150 million page views per month, which means that there are a lot of opportunities to get free traffic. It is not an overnight job – it requires a lot of learning because there are very strict rules of marketing. But once you master these, the sky is the limit!

In this article, we will talk more about it and how to use it to promote your business.

How Does Reddit Work? 

Reddit is an opensource website that encourages users to create communities, post content, vote on links and share comments. In particular, it is a social news platform that allows users to discuss content. Also, they can vote on content that other users have submitted. This online community allows users to discover, categorize, and share useful information.

To prevent spammers from bothering readers, Reddit came up with “karma” points. Users get karma by their comments and links being up-voted by others in the community. If you spam post your unrelated content to Reddit, you could get down-voted by other users. In other words, Reddit limits how often you are able to submit content to the site.

The great thing about Reddit is there are small communities called sub-Reddits. They bring people and their interests together. Also, Reddit has a specific user base. Here is what you need to know about them to make a better strategy:

  • 32% of US Reddit users are male
  • 42% of internet users 18-24 use Reddit
  • 51% of Gen Zs love the user-driven nature of Reddit
  • 87% of Gen Z users enjoy being apart of a Reddit community

This specific user base dislikes spammers and people who advertise their brand products. Consequently, if you shamelessly promote your brand, they won’t hesitate to ban your profile or your entire domain from Reddit. Having that in mind, take a look at these tips to help you use Reddit for promoting your business.

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Creativity and motivation

Creating a Profile

At first, you need to have an account. If you haven’t done it already, here are steps on how to do it. You register at After you choose a username and password, click “Create an Account”.

A great thing about Reddit is not only finding new content but also sharing relevant stories in your niche. The second step is to share stories. To start sharing stories, you can click “Submit a New Link” underneath the site’s search bar. The next step is very simple and easy. Just paste a link in the URL field. Enter a title or suggest one by clicking the “Suggest Title” button. Before submitting, prove that you are not a robot.

The last thing is to recommend content. Recommending consent is even easier. Similarly, you can click “Upvote” or “Downvote” toggles next to any link you see to have your rating recorded. For more information, you can visit Reddit’s page.

When it comes to characteristics of your account, try to make it feel real. In other words, you don’t want to look like a marketing-oriented presence on the network. If a Redditor has an inkling that you might be a marketer, they won’t hesitate to check whether you’re there to promote your business.

Posting on Reddit

To begin with, posting on Reddit, you should know there are two types of posts. Links direct users to an external site. They can boost your traffic and get you links. There are also text posts, which are hosted on Reddit. You should use text posts if you want to boost your brand.

If you choose text posts, make sure that you’re submitting them to the right subreddits. Keep your content as relevant as possible. Include a lot of insight and strive to educate users about your topic. Keep it interesting and link to many different resources.

Be present in different subreddits and engage with these communities. When sharing content, link to various sites and keep it high quality. Also, this is how you can amass “karma” points – make sure to have at least a few hundred of those before posting branded content.

Finally, to make it work, share text posts relevant to the subreddit where you are posting. AskReddit is a popular subreddit where users post all kinds of questions. As a brand, you could track those topics. And have a say in your field of expertise.

Avoid Getting Banned

How banning is often on Reddit says the fact that there is a subreddit where people discuss the bans. Reddit community is hard with banning accounts. However, a banned account is one thing, but getting banned by domain is an entirely different thing. Although the banned account is not a good thing, a banned domain would be a huge problem for your brand.

Here are some bits of advice for successful posting:

  • Never submit the same comment many times to different subreddits
  • Don’t submit links only to your website
  • Don’t ask for upvotes
  • Steer clear of illegal content
  • Don’t share anyone’s private information
  • Don’t be overly promotional

In other words, Redditors are a specific lot. They hate being subjects of someone’s advertising strategy.  That is why they are sensitive to any signs of marketing attempts and pick them up instantly. Reddit users could screen your posting history to see whether you are a marketer who only posts content from the company website. Because of that, it is better to post your own content.

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Creativity and motivation

Find the Right Subreddit

Subreddits are like individual message boards devoted to one particular topic and there are thousands of them on the site. To find a subreddits that interest you, enter a topic in the search box in the upper-right-hand corner of the homepage. You add them by clicking on the green “subscribe” button.

Posts on all subreddits are arranged according to how many upvotes they’ve received. Reddit also gives recent posts a prominent place in the feed to give them a chance to be seen and voted on.

You can go for a niche subreddit with a small number of engaged users. The main advantage of this subreddit type is that its users are easy to convert. Contrary, you can post to large subreddits which attracts thousands of users. You’re not likely to score many conversions here, but you’re bound to get more traffic.

Be Part of the Community

When you are choosing your subreddits, it is important to take some not business themes. It is correct that you use a Reddit for business purposes, but add some of your personal interests. You can better connect with the community if you have something to tell for example about soccer.

Showing your interests prove you are a real person, not marketer wanting to sell his product. Also, the community of Reddit works like that, so relax and be yourself. Besides, you never know could a guy you are commenting soccer results with be your next partner.

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Reddit is a great channel for posting your content. Although it might be very successful, you need to pay attention to its specifications. One important rule for Reddit, the same as for marketing, in general, is to not get aggressive. People these days appreciate more when you share value than just promoting. That is why you should be patient and wait a couple of weeks before posting. You’re here to add value to the community, so be clear about it and try your luck.


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