How to Motivate Your Team?

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When you’re running a business, your team is your greatest asset and biggest resource. Company can’t function without a team, great team, so it’s important you make your employees inspired and encouraged. As a leader, it is your job to set inspire and motivate your team to reach greatness. Because when you combine the energy, knowledge, and skills of a motivated group of people, then you and your team can cross every obstacle.

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8 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Research by The Hay Group says:

“71% percents of American workers reported feeling disengaged and unmotivated. That leads to an estimated $300 billion worth of lost productivity for American businesses every year.”

Unless you don’t want that to happen to your business, follow these 8 steps and motivate your team.

Good office environment

Everybody wants to work in a good office environment. Clean and stimulating. It can include space for everybody because it is well known that people work best in open spaces. Then, the technology in your workspace needs to be up-to-date and facilitating the best work from your people. Put some plants around, and a lot of lights. Also, an office can’t be great without good coffee.

A cup of coffee in the morning can charge your batteries

Picture 1. A cup of coffee in the office helps you start the day

Communicate with your team

The success of every business lies in productive communication. A perfect workspace would be one where at the same time communication could be friendly and professional. Let your team know that you care about them, their career, and their future. Learn what their goals are and keep them motivated and engaged by helping them to reach those goals.

Define tasks and their priority

“63% of employees reported that they wasted time at work because they weren’t aware of what work was a priority, and what wasn’t. “

One of the biggest challenges for leaders is to prioritize tasks. To complete tasks at a given time, you should consult to your team. Listen to them, let them express their opinion also. After defining all the task and goals that need to be achieved in a specific time, everybody can start doing their tasks. Otherwise, as the research says, people just waste time.

Allow people to participate more

Weekdone research says:

39% of employees don’t feel that their input is appreciated. Encourage the members of your team to fully participate by inviting their input and suggestions on how to do things better.”

Allow your team members to speak when you have your daily/weekly meetings. They will feel empowered by the opportunity to suggest new ideas. So, listen to their ideas, solution, and approaches because you will be amazed at how they can create brilliant ideas. And just because their approaches might seem different than yours, doesn’t mean they are wrong.

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Train your team

By training your team you are helping both your company and your team to step up in their career and become knowledgeable about the latest technologies or whatever the training program is about. By investing in your team and giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, you are getting even more valuable people. So, through training programs, help them grow and be more successful.

Training your team is vital for performance

Picture 2. Training your team is vital for performance

Rotate repetitive tasks

Every team member can lose motivation if you constantly give them the same tasks. So right thing do is to rotate the tasks so your employees doesn’t end up doing the same tasks. Also, try to sit with other team members and pass on information to them if there is no other with the same understanding of tasks. If that is not possible right now, then at least give that employee recognition for their commitment.

Reward your team

When you see your team is constantly trying hard and achieving great results, reward them. Even with the small gifts and perks if your company can’t increase salary at the moment. You are showing them you care. Some of the perks can include free lunch, gym, books or a donut on Friday – and who would say no to a donut? As a result of that, your team will be more productive and satisfied with their job.

Food can be a strong workplace motivator, Home Simpson approves

Stacia Pache, founder and CEO of ItBandz example:

“Reward your highest performers with incremental vacation days. These employees are your superstars, so you can be confident they will get their work done as well as enjoy a few extra days of well-deserved time off with family and friends.” 

Ask for feedback

Lastly, if you want to find out what will motivate your team, simply ask them! You may have defined approach that you think applies to every person, but not everyone will want the same things. So, gather your team and listen to your member’s wishes, then together conclude the best solutions.

How to Motivate Your Team – Final Thoughts

If you want to motivate your team – get to know them, what are their goals, what motivates them. By communicating with them and let them express their opinion without fear, whether it was negative or positive, you are showing them you care.

When you get team members who feel valued it will automatically lead to productive work. A company culture that excites your employees to step up and make the difference is an example every company should follow. So, remember to make your employees happy because your company is the one that benefits the most from their productivity.

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