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Are you researching a brand or product before buying? We all do!

Over 80% of shoppers said they always research before buying. At most times, this search takes two forms: brand research and product research. Just because people are looking for your brand or product doesn’t mean they’ll become your paying customers.

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You need to convince potential customers to become buyers. This can be achieved by making their task of searching for brand/product information easier. 

A lot of your brand search problems can be solved with video content. Do we sense a slight hesitation? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or constrained by a limited budget, video content is within the reach of everyone!

Branded Search: A Brief Introduction and Its Importance

A search performed by potential customers relating to anything and everything about your brand is called a brand search. The term ‘Branded Search’ doesn’t preclude any section of your target audience. A branded search may be performed by potential customers to check your reputation, trustworthiness, product information, or product reviews.

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The term also includes present customers looking into the status of their order or learning more about your brand to buy from you again. Bear in mind customer retention is vital for business success.

Branded search is part of reputation management, which means it must be on your ‘pay special attention’ list. Here are two reasons for you to focus on branded search:

  • Branded search helps businesses find and fix the usability issues your target audience is facing while dealing with your website or looking for your brand.
  • Branded search allows you to control what the potential customers see in the SERPs. This gives businesses a better chance of influencing customers into converting to leads or even sales.

Picture 1. Customers love seeing video content from their FAV brands

Why Use Videos to Increase Branded Search Conversions?

Videos have taken precedence over all other forms of content. If an image can speak louder than 1000 words, imagine the reach and impact of video content on people. It’s also important to note that businesses don’t set the tone, they follow the trend. Every day more and more videos are uploaded because people prefer videos; soon video content will occupy over 80% of the internet space.

The marketers have sensed the trend. So, how can Google be far behind? The search engine giant has tweaked its algorithm and now more and more videos appear on the search results page. In fact, for some queries, video carousals occupy so much space that users can hardly see other search elements.

Easy access and convenience enable users to consume more videos on mobiles than laptops or desktops. Hence, video links take up more space than others in mobile search engine results pages. Videos have become indispensable in marketing. Whether you like it or not, video content is crucial for managing online sentiment and customer expectations.

Boost Your Brand

Videos have become indispensable in marketing. Businesses need to include videos in branded search strategy to increase brand awareness, generate leads, boost sales, and manage brand reputation.

A thousand more reasons could be presented in favor of video content. Most of which you must be well aware of. You can shoot videos and hire video editing services to give them a professional look; all within your budget. Videos are so versatile you can use them to boost any or every part of your marketing plan. Plus, anyone can use them, including B2B companies for lead generation.

As a fitting way to end this section and proceed to the all-important tips, here we highlight three good reasons to use videos to boost branded search conversions.

  • Given an option between content types, the mind will always choose the audio-visual medium. Hence, consumers are more likely to click on videos in the SERPs.
  • Video content helps businesses with reputation management. By controlling what the potential customers see on the branded search results page you can influence their behavior and increase leads and sales.
  • The sheer amount of space that video content occupies in the search engine results page is enough to attract interest and impact buying decisions.

Picture 2. Video is becoming the preferred format of content for customers

Tips to Boost Branded Search Conversions With Video Content

Although people have a soft spot for videos, we can’t take anything for granted. Bear in mind it takes just one false step to lose the customer’s trust and confidence.

The ideas that follow will help create videos to increase conversions. By executing these simple tips you’ll also gain better control over branded search listings on SERPs. 

Research for Queries That Mention Your Brand or Products

Simply put, branded queries research is basic keyword research without any conditions.

While performing keyword research you ignore the search volume. That’s because every keyword (or key phrase) that contains the brand or product name matters. Every team, regardless of the search volume, has the potential to bring in a sale and a paying customer. This approach greatly simplifies the keyword research process. Pass your brand name through your favorite keyword research tool. The search will yield a long list of branded queries. Repeat the search with the product name(s) and CEO’s name.

To facilitate content creation you can categories the queries based on stages of the sale funnel where the customers are most likely to see the content. For example, the categorization process will help in creating an awesome intro video for your audience searching your brand for the first time.

Develop a Clear Video Content Creation

The list of branded queries points the way forward. Put these keywords into action by creating video content or optimizing existing ones to suit the queries. In this regard, a spreadsheet with the list of branded queries will be of great help.

Open a spreadsheet and follow these steps:

  • Choose branded queries with the highest search volume. These queries must include your brand name, CEO’s name, or all your primary products.
  • Note down the best secondary keywords for the primary terms in the first column. The secondary keyword or phrase must be similar or closely related to the primary query. 
  • In the adjoining cell, mention the search volume of the primary query. The chance of conversion improves with increasing search volume.
  • In the nearby column mention the query type or the intent of the potential customer.

This could include:

  • High-intent (queries that show the customer is interested in the brand or product, hence gathering more information).
  • Brand intro questions (queries that show the customer is just learning about the brand and its services).
  • Comparative queries (search terms comparing your brand to your competition).
  • Navigational questions (customers trying to find a particular information or web page about your brand).
  • How-to queries (search terms that signify how to use your product or service).
  • Reputational search (queries about ownership or people at the helm. For example, customers searching for the owner of an animation company.
  • Finally, allot a separate column to indicate whether the query needs a new video or a pre-used one can be updated. Businesses that already have a channel with videos can edit YouTube videos to suit branded search queries.

Picture 3. Schedule your video post (we left it to you to fill it out!)

Develop a Optimization Strategy

The next step is to optimize the videos (both new and edited content) to improve their visibility and ranking in SERPs, YouTube, or any social media platform.

The following tips will earn your videos a favorable place on the search results page.

  • Optimize the title and description of the video. Add the keyword in the title and sprinkle it a few times in the description.
  • Include relevant hashtags and tags. Also, add YouTube timestamps to make the videos user-friendly and to drive engagement.
  • Use suitable thumbnails and include closed captions.
  • Add an effective Call to Action (CTA) in each video.

Make use of the Google My Business page. The GMB tool offers a feature to include videos to the business profile and announce events in the posts section.

Businesses can include their webinars for branding to improve the visibility of their Google My Business page.

Track, Monitor, and Analyze the Progress of Your Campaign

No marketing plan is complete without a clear tracking and monitoring strategy!

Analyzing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will show you whether your brand-driven video strategy is working or not. Based on the analysis you can make changes to the strategy and re-work the marketing campaign.

Apart from the basic analytics tools provided by YouTube and Google, there are others you can try. Businesses can also use these tools to monitor the rank of the videos, the performance of videos used in email marketing platforms, and more.

Final Thought

With all the many elements of brand marketing to focus on it’s possible to overlook branded search conversion. Your brand name is your business identity and your best tool to boost sales. The tips that we just discussed will help you develop a brand-driven video strategy that’ll deliver plenty of benefits!

Top of the benefits list is ‘conversions’; conversion of potential customers into leads, sales, and long-term customers. As an added benefit, businesses can also expect a stronger brand image.

Cristian Stanciu is a freelance video editor, owner and post-production coordinator of Veedyou Media – a company offering video editing services to videographers, marketing agencies, video production studios or brands all over the globe. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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