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Brand voice is the way how you present the personality and attitude of the brand through the communication channels and to your targeted audience. Or better said, it is how a brand conveys its personality to its audience.

It also contains a set of vocabulary that the brand uses in communication with the audience. Therefore, that set should be made of kind words and statements with a nice approach to the customers.

When you define your brand voice, grammar doesn’t have to define your voice. It’s much more important to target your audience than focus on grammar.

It also depends on the demography of your audience.

For example, if you’re targeting millennials, try to use some phrases that are popular. Once someone reads in a way they would say that it causes a desire for further reading of content.

Brand voice of DiGiorno Pizza

Picture 1. Brand voice of DiGiorno Pizza

To define the brand voice, you should complete the following steps. It should help you to create a successful brand voice.

Use Representative Content

If you want a widespread brand voice, you should use everything you have in terms of your brand. Gather everything, like websites, social media profiles, videos, and other materials. When you collect everything you need, it’s time to create your unique brand voice. Separate everything that might be similar to the brand voice to your competition. You need to create your own unique brand voice. The brand needs to embody with the brand voice. Think of several brand voices and decide on using the brand voice that represents the brand the best of all.

Describe Brand Voice Through Three Key Points

Keep up-to-date communication and collaboration with content creators to establish the good identity of the brand. As it’s stated in the previous step, review several brand voices and find the one that embodies your brand the best. Also, when you create several brand voices, get them through these words.

  • Passionate – expressive, enthusiastic, heartfelt, action-oriented
  • Quirky – irreverent, unexpected, contrarian
  • Authentic – genuine, trustworthy, engaging, direct.

Your brand voice should follow all of these three words. Ask yourself how these broads show up in communication with the audience? Also, are they relevant to the content?

As well, if your brand is a person, you should consider how to present his/her personality. Compare them to the competition and try to make them more influent on the audience.

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Compare Brand Voice Characteristics

Charts, tables and other types of statistical comparison are always welcome to find advantages and disadvantages or do’s and don’ts. That’s the way to analyze what you need to do and at the end to bring the better decision. So, when you define your brand voice, create a table and see how it results in a content. It will help you to ensure that your content is using the same voice consistently.

So, for example, create a table with three rows that contain key points that we already learned. Passionate, quirky, authentic. Make a short description and do’s and don’ts. You’ll get the preview of everything you should consider when you create a brand voice. This makes it easier to find weaknesses and to improve your brand voice.

This is the example of how the table should look like.

Key PointsDescriptionDo’sDon’ts
PassionateBe passionate in what you do and try to achieve the successUse motivational wordsDon’t use passive and cliché words and phrases
QuirkyBe yourself and face the challengesUse lots of examples and always express yourselfDon’t use too much slang and jargon. Don’t deviate from your audience.
AuthenticYou’ll get the tools and equipment you need to make your job more successful.Be direct and stick to your promises.Don’t use superlatives, overpromise and exaggerate about the brand.

Hire Capable and Good Writers

Congratulations, you have created your brand voice! Now, you need to hire capable, good and relevant content writers to put it in the action. Meet with them, show them the table and explain them to the smallest detail what they need to do. This table should make their job much easier and more productive. Also, if you already have some content, go through it and you could hopefully find some useful material. It can be revised and used in creating new, more relevant content to the brand voice.

Keep Brand Voice Up-To-Date

Just like anything else, your brand voice needs to be constantly updated and upgraded. That’s not one of those one-time-set-it tools. New competitors keep on coming every day, so you need to update it to be in step with new trends.

Also, convene meetings on the monthly or quarterly basis to make sure your content creator team is doing its job well. If there are some segments that don’t work well, they need to be revised or upgraded.

Meaning Behind Brand Voice

Brand voice presents the way how the personality of the brand is presented to the audience of your brand. Your main goal should be to influence an audience in a good way. Defining the brand voice extends through 5 key steps.

First of all, you need representative content that will be related to your brand voice. Brand voice should be described in three words, passionate, quirky and authentic. Create a comparison of those words through the table to make a better insight into the advantages and disadvantages. Your team for content writing needs to be well-informed in your brand and create relevant content. You should also make sure you localize your marketing strategy accordingly. To sum up, brand voice needs to be constantly updated and follow the trends.

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