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A couple of years ago, the communication resources were confined to telephones, fax, and otherwise direct home. People marketed their products at people’s homes. With the advancement of technology, there are many forms of communication to reach customers today. Omnichannel is just one but if you are doing business this way, omnichannel support is a must!

The issue is not the channel but the consistency and the quality approach they take towards their target customers. According to a recent study, a multi-channel providing consistent service quality can hold on to 89% of their customers while the opposite could retain only 33% of their customers.

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It is essential to develop an innovative channel that could cover all their needs. Of course with the fulfillment of requirements to interact and satisfy customers. Omnichannel combines multichannel and cross-channel methods to provide overarching strategic support to their clients. Providing dynamic customer service through texts, emails, or social media platforms. They serve customers in multiple ways to make them comfortable, convenient, and sophisticated within their brand.

Before we dive in, let us clarify what an omnichannel is and does!

Why is There no Omnichannel Without Omnichannel Support?

An omnichannel support system is an interaction between customers and service providers. This support is available across various platforms or channels to provide a single-user experience!

An interesting example of omnichannel support is Field Promax. As a field service management software, it deals with customers and owners.  It provides a similar experience on both web and phone and cuts short on the waiting time with 24/7 customer support.

Omnichannel allows customers to continue from where they left previously, no matter which platform they may have been on. It makes browsing and purchasing easier for customers. This is the prime concern of any business, and that is what omnichannel does.

With pandemics in site, the omnichannel has to put in more efforts to approach their customers. Omnichannel support is all of the pieces you integrate in your channel to make your customer’s life easier. Integrating with an easy payment method may be the only thing you are missing out on. Consider big names such as Amazon pay who have it all sorted out!


Picture 1. Omnichannel support is all of the pieces you integrate in your channel

Boost Omnichannel Support

The competition in the market and the increased exposure of the customers justify a need to expand omnichannel support systems. Here are some ideas to keep in mind while boosting your omnichannel support.

1. Digital Media

Most companies have their foot in all the possible existing social media platforms. Using an omnichannel over these platforms can help stabilize the brand name and standardize its quality. Providing similar experiences, whether online or in a physical space, can help analyze what the customers want and want they don’t. Customers also rely on support that can solve their queries and provide them with what they are expecting. Hence expanding and improvising your omnichannel support format on the digital platform is essential to attract and make your customers stay. Use this mass medium for video call meetings, phone calls, or even video links to help improve customer support quality and satisfaction.

2. AI

By emphasizing messaging channel support, omnichannel can build unified and better customer service. The variation in messaging is due to be noted rather than chatting with personnel. A chatbox happens within a browser window, waiting for hours, internet traffic, and other patience-testing issues.

If there is an emergency where the customer has to leave the chat when he returns, he might be with a whole different person and have to start his conversation from scratch. However, with messaging, you don’t have to cut off the threaded conversation. You can exit and enter, receive answers at your request, an ideal method for customer service. With asynchronous communication, the inclusion of an AI provides customers with a better clarification of issues. It helps build a smooth customer experience with increased efficiency, productivity, and cutting on cost. With these layered features, omnichannel customer support can be well versed and improved.


Picture 2. Customer experience journey while communicating in AI

3. Offline and Online

Since the world is slowly opening up, offline shopping aka, in-store shopping, has begun to buzz. People have started shopping from stores as well as from homes. To market the products essentially, creating a link between the two can help expand and prosper our omnichannel support system.

Giving customers a wide range of options to switch between online and offline can help build traffic. Integrating both options, customers can scan using the app to get discounts, order online, pick it up from the store, and be aware of the price shifts and differences between the store products and the online products. This way, omnichannel support can support customers to purchase what they want in a platform of their choice.

4.  Recommendations

No one would not like a feed customized according to their style and needs. Omnichannel can customize and recommend products to their customers based on their purchase, browsing, and usage. Pushing forward products they view often, and those related to it can lead customers to buy the product or be keen on it. Sending recommendations to their emails, social media platforms, and sometimes their game application can keep them reminded of the product they have eyed.

Omnichannel can sometimes put its support across other channels to grasp the customer’s attention and achieve their goal. Omnichannel can encourage customers and remind them of offers, new arrivals, back in stock, and discounts along with personalized notifications. Integration of omnichannel support into any business is sure to keep them trending and customers coming. Recommendations can be made more effortless if customers are asked to sign into their accounts for a better experience. This can help link their activities and authenticate their access. For example, a person who logs in with a specific account on Amazon can use and connect the payments to your amazon pay quickly, whether on a desktop website or mobile app. They don’t have to swipe or enter their card details repeatedly. The omnichannel strategy with payments possibilities makes payments and refunds easier.


Picture 2. Omnichannel is a great solution for merging all of the above!

5. 24/7

Customers prefer guarantee, surety, and security in everything they purchase or invest. They ask plenty of questions to clarify before they gather all their confidence to move forward. Providing them constant support and care increases their trust and loyalty. Building a  comfortable and professional relationship with the customers helps the omnichannel support system to function without glitches. Omnichannel support can lead companies towards knowing what the customer wants and needs and later display all they could choose from. Being there for your customer 24/7 and guiding them through every step assures them that nothing could go wrong.

Being at your customer’s service and providing them with ease is the prime requirement of an omnichannel. Since one side of the world is awake. At the same time, the other is asleep; a 24/7 crew or branch is essential for multinational companies. However, using AI, as mentioned previously, is a better option to interact with customers for small and medium businesses.

6. Mobile Device

The one thing that a three-year-old child to an 80-year-old grandma prefers these days is a mobile phone. It has everything they ever need, from entertainment to education to recreation. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to optimize all their channels for mobile devices. An app-based business will be humankind’s resort in the future, ranging from food, groceries, cleaning, and more. E-commerce has been a part of people’s lives for some time now and is a clear example of why every business should have a mobile app to sustain their omnichannel support system. Customers can request calls, video chat to see the products in the store. They can also upload their pictures to see what cosmetic shade they may require, get notified on query updates, and more. The mobile sticks to people’s hands and is the best way to direct them in the way you want them to go. With the advancement of technology, the mobile device is a mini desktop/TV in human hands. So why not make use of it?

7. Omnichannel Optimization

Every day has something new to offer, whether in life or business. Staying updated with all the curves, ups and downs, and upgrades and degrades in the omnichannel strategies are highly important.

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To expand your omnichannel, you need to find space and what is missing. Keeping an eye out for all the news and updates can ensure seamless integration. With a team working for it, it is easier to achieve zero downtime and high customer satisfaction. A centralized system can help organize and schedule customer data in order to provide accessibility. Having a leader to head the omnichannel strategy team can oversee all the various support teams, set timelines on Q/A sessions, customer interactions, scheduling, and more to balance the work of an agent working under the omnichannel support section. Gathering reports daily, weekly, and monthly can help analyze the progress and performance of the agents, the strategy, and the team’s efficiency as a whole.


Omnichannel support is where the future is. Soon there will be no businesses without this integration. It enhances the business performance, builds a loyal customer base, and assures a brighter future for any business. Following these upgraded and modulated measures, achieving increased customer rate and revenue is no doubt. The omnichannel customer support strategies may vary with advancing technology and ages; however, expanding customer reliability will never fade! 

Code is the central element that governs Joy Gomez’s universe; how he thinks, and how he lives. He is a self-taught, process-driven programmer and a first-generation immigrant from Southern India. Completed engineering school while working full time with generous support and scholarships from employers due to his high productivity and drive. He has a Black belt in Lean Six Sigma, all while working for Field Promax to pursue his natural-born expertise – code, streamline processes, and code more.

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