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We know eCommerce is changing the way we do business. It has brought about tremendous improvements and enhanced success. Almost every business is now embracing eCommerce to promote new products or ventures. But is it true that Instagram has control over how eCommerce businesses operate?

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Instagram, the simple image sharing app, became part of Facebook in 2012. It is now close to eight years, and the app that was once scared of Google and Twitter has become the most influential app for online businesses. Currently, Instagram has over 1 billion active users each month. Their revenue is expected to hit USD 14 billion by the 2020 fiscal year.

This tremendous growth tells us people love the network, as both a communication and a business tool. That is the only way businesses would advertise more for the ad network to make more income each year. We want to know how Instagram would control the way eCommerce operates in the future. It can boost your sales by 500% while cutting down the conversion cost by 80%.

So let’s see how Instagram is becoming the future of eCommerce.

6 Ways How Instagram Is Becoming the Future of Ecommerce 

1. Instagram as a Sales Channel for eCommerce 

For almost a decade, since it was acquired by Facebook, Instagram has grown from a photo app to a full-featured online eCommerce solution. Apart from using Instagram to market your products via paid ads and post sharing, you can now sell directly from your business account.

Setting up an eCommerce store and an eCommerce mobile app can build your business. With Instagram, you combine the power of the shopping app and social media into a complete user experience. Your customers can buy while sharing the products they feel are relevant to their friends. There is no need to switch apps.
For an eCommerce business that utilizes Instagram eCommerce, it is easier to close sales. Easier than those who have to direct their customers to a landing page before they can see the products and add them to the shopping cart. Instagram shopping simplifies the process. Customers see products on their feed, the price, and by tapping, they are already securely checking out without leaving the platform.  So it’s no surprise to say that Instagram is becoming the future of eCommerce. Now let’s see other ways.

2. Shoppable Media

You are aware of those Instagram ads where you would see a short description and a “link in bio” directive that informs you that you should follow the link on the business information to see the products. This method was inconvenient in many ways.

Firstly, a prospect had to go to the business profile. Then click the link in the business description (bio), and start searching for the products they saw on the advertisement on Instagram. By the time the customer finds what they wanted, they would have given up already.

The method also inconvenienced business owners. Why? Because they could not link to various products and categories in their catalog. One link per account means you can only link your business and let your customers do the guessing where to find your products. But things have changed dramatically, thanks to the shoppable feature.

Instagram Shoppable Feature

Picture 1. Instagram shoppable feature

The “shoppable” feature allows you to tag products from your eCommerce so that people can tap on your post image to reveal the products and their prices. You do not need the “link in bio” mantra to promote your business. When the customer taps and reveals the price of each product, they can shop directly from Instagram. In other words, on the post – making business faster and convenient for both the buyer and the seller.

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3. Hashtags Are Still Relevant on Instagram 

In case you thought that hashtags are there for fun or making a pun on social media, then you could not be more wrong. Hashtags have changed how marketing works. And Instagram hashtags are still engaging in relevant audiences and promoting businesses.

With hashtags, you can categorize your content with relevant topics people are discussing. It also makes it easier for people to find your business. Even outside your follower network. You, however, need to follow the correct tag usage policies. Why? In order to drive the highest traffic to your brand and remain relevant in business.

Instagram Hashtags

Picture 2. Instagram hashtags

Creating unique hashtags is also beneficial. You can use your brand name in your hashtag to make it unique and relevant. People who know your business name can find you easily by typing it on Instagram and seeing the posts you shared with your hashtag. No harm in being creative.

4. Remain Social to Build Customer Trust 

Instagram makes shopping easy, without turning into a checkout app. As the network grows, it remains a relevant social network, and users should be social. Even businesses have to remain social to engage their audience and promote business growth.

Instead of promoting your new product launch in every post, you can share content from third-party sources or content from other Instagram users. You should, however, verify the authenticity of the news, and it should be relevant to your niche.

Conversational posts are also ideal in engaging your Instagram audience. Asking your customers questions on how to improve your services, what they like about your brand – or any related question that improves the relationship between your brand and the customers – will help you to gain more engagement and boost your visibility on Instagram (a higher visibility = brand growth).

5. Instagram Generates Results Faster than SEO 

Among these few reasons why Instagram is becoming the future of eCommerce, here is the next one. One could argue that Instagram is better than Google. Although everyone uses Google, and the search index improves more to the point where you start receiving traffic with little to no marketing efforts. But Instagram is almost instant with results – that “insta” part, however, must have been a coincidence.

With Instagram, your audience receives your updates as soon as you post them or whenever they log in to their accounts. Instagram ads can get your content in front of millions of engaging users. With a 68% engagement rate (more than twice the engagement on Facebook – 32%), you would not be mistaken for choosing Instagram as your preferred eCommerce marketing tool.

6. The Power of Contests and User-generated Content

Social media is about being social, and Instagram is no exception. When you share content from users and customers, you improve user engagement. And you would want to geotag the posts to improve visibility and engagement in various places. But why am I talking about engagement for eCommerce businesses? Because, for Instagram, more engagement means better business.

User-generated Content

Picture 3. User-generated content

Contests help your followers to engage and participate in promoting your brand. They feel honored when you feature them in your brand posts. And they will, in turn, do their best to promote your brand according to the rules of your contest. Besides, who doesn’t like prizes?

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Is Instagram Really Becoming the Future of Ecommerce?

Although Instagram started out as a simple app, it is now the must-have social network for any eCommerce businesses. So it’s no surprise to say that Instagram really is becoming the future of eCommerce. Using the platform adequately can help your brand and business performance flourish beyond your expectations.

While the points and resources in this article can undoubtedly convince you of the value of Instagram as an eCommerce tool, implementing it in practice will require patience and creativity.

Jenny is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about her industry. She loves to educate her audience about eCommerce business and marketing solutions. Apart from writing, she loves traveling & photography.

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