Hey guest bloggers, do your magic and let’s become Pals!

Good storytelling gives you goosebumps and well-written topics spark your imagination!? Perfect, because we are looking for guest bloggers! 

Paldesk's guest blogger

Want to become Paldesk’s guest blogger? 

Join customer experience, customer service, and omnichannel professionals with trending topics and well-written guest blog articles! 

Paldesk's Guest Blogging Network

Join Paldesk’s Guest Blogging Network

Gain some extra exposure in the customer experience and omnichannel niche with your guest blog articles. Enjoy the company of experts, gain recognition and expand your influence throughout Paldesk’s network! 

   Blogging Rules: 

  • All guest posts must be unique content written for Paldesk’s Blog exclusively.
  • When Paldesk publishes the post, the content is owned and submitted to changes by Paldesk.
  • All posts should be between 1,500 – 2,500 words.
  • We only accept high quality and highly relevant useful content so please include concrete examples and useful tips for our audience.
  • We love how-to articles, lists, and unique perspectives.
  • Please back up your arguments with relevant data, research, and statistics.
  • Citing all of your sources (of data, statistics, quotes, and photos you use in your article) is an absolute must!
  • Include images (we love videos too!).
  • Please submit only SEO optimized content.
  • Keep in mind that our target audience includes customer service, customer experience, and omnichannel professionals.
  • We will not accept content that’s overly promotional or that may be construed as a link-building scheme. 
  • Make sure you send us your blog within 2 weeks after we agree upon the topic. If you fail to do so, your topic will be given to the next guest blogger.

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