Growth Hacking

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is an associate degree umbrella term for methods centered entirely on growth. It a method of experimenting and implementing those strategies. Also, it is a path of finding clever shortcuts to induce higher results. Even though it meant for any type of business, it’s sometimes associated with early-stage startups who need huge growth in a short time on little budgets.

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What is Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking Funnel

The growth hacking funnel was created by an entrepreneur Dave McClure. It is a five-stage process where business can gain customers and turn them into revenue.

The funnel consists of:

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referral
Growth hacking five stage funnel

Picture 1. Five stage funnel

These terms are also called “pirate metrics” because of their initials (AARRR).

Read more about it here: AARRR – Pirate Metrics.

Top 5 Growth Hacking Tools

If you want to grow your business, check these tools to reach your goals.

Growth hacking tools

Picture 2. Growth hacking tools


Colibri is certainly the best tool for finding out where your customers are engaging online. After finding customers, you can insert yourself into relevant conversations. It includes various growth hacking tools for SEO, social media monitoring, inbound marketing, etc. Also, you can integrate it with Google Analytics to measure the success of your growth hacking.


AWeber is an advanced email marketing software with very useful tools for email campaigns and newsletter creation. It automates the process of delivering personalized, professionally designed emails to targeted customers. You can set up schedules and send follow up emails.


HubSpot is an extremely powerful marketing automation tool. It is well known among growth hackers and marketers. It helps you to engage with your audience with the help of inbound marketing. Plus it comes with a free CRM. Also, HubSpot integrates with various channels such as social media, blogs, landing pages, emails and more. And all that to promote your business on different levels.


Optimizely is a lead and customer acquisition tool that helps you optimize the customer experience on your website. Collected analytics tracks down user experience on your site, and then helps the user get more from the site. It makes A/B testing your marketing messages quite easy. Also, it helps you to get better SEO ratings. allows you to send customized targeted messages to your website visitors or mobile app users. Targeted messages are based on customers actions and interests. It also helps to understand how your clients deal with targeted messages. The tool offers scheduling messages, flexible segmentation, comprehensive reporting, A/B testing capabilities, etc.

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