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Customer and agent dialogue.

Customer view

Agent view


Answer customer
questions effectively

Automate your chat experience and improve workflow.

Answer customer questions effectively by setting working hours and activating a chatbot.
Ticketing Icon

Create, manage, respond to and resolve tickets with ease.

Working Hours Icon
Working Hours

Set your business hours and an predefined offline message.

Predefined Answers Icon
Predefined Answers

Respond to FAQ questions faster and get more done.


Gain insights into chat statistics and agent performance

Track, study and report the performance of your chats and agents in real time. 

Visitor Statistics Icon
Visitor Statistics

Statistics regarding the number of open and closed conversations.

Filters Icon

Advanced filters by channel, status and user.

Conversation History Icon
Conversation History

The complete conversation history for all your chats.

Weekly Summary Icon
Weekly Summary

Report on the number of groups, agents and conversations by channel.


Connect to a variety of platforms and software solutions.

Slack Integration Icon


Integrate Paldesk with Slack.

 Zapier Integration Icon


Integrate Paldesk with Zapier.

 MailChimp Integration Icon


Integrate Paldesk with MailChimp.

 Hubspot Integration Icon


Integrate Paldesk with Hubspot.


Change the look and feel of your widget

Edit messages, change color and personalize your overall visual experience. 

Customize the color, messages and position of your widget.
Color Select Icon
Color Select

Modify the widget color to fit your brand.

Position Select Icon
Position Select

Select the widget position on your website.

Prechat Question Icon
Prechat Question

Define a question that appears before the chat window is opened.

Multiwidget Support Icon
Multiwidget Support

Add multiple widgets and install them on more than one website.

Get in touch with customers and visitors over mobile, web or desktop Paldesk application.


Talk to your customers anytime, anywhere

Get in touch via web, mobile or desktop application.

Web Application Icon
Web Application

Talk to visitors over the default web application.

Mobile Application Icon
Mobile Application

Talk to your visitors, even while you’re on the move.

Desktop Application Icon
Desktop Application

Talk to visitors over the desktop application.

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