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A FAQ page is short for a Frequently Asked Questions page. That is a simple web page in your business website or part of a knowledge base. It helps your customers to find a self-service place where they can find what they are looking for quickly. Your customers and clients can have questions about your services, products or company in general.

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A good design FAQ can help you boost your business and brings forward a variety of benefits. If you have a job that includes deals with clients, customers or the public – you’ll soon realize that you need an FAQ Page. Want to discover more benefits of FAQ page or few tips how to improve FAQ design? Read on and find out more.

Self-Service Options, Why Are They Important?

A Survey found that 67 percent of respondents prefer knowledge center and 91 percent would use it if it includes what customers need. This is indeed a large number of users and companies should have a good FAQ page to improve their business. Self-service is the most popular for a customer to find information about products or service.

83% of customers go to a company’s website to find very specific information. Ideally, every company should have a support page on their website. Around 51% of customers also prefer to have self-service options available on a brand or organizations website. This makes for a very good reason to create self-service options on your website and give your customer more satisfaction. Customer experience statistics on a company's website

Picture 1. Personalized customer experience

A good FAQ page will help make your customers them feel really productive and useful. As a result, it easy to take your customer service to the next level. Having an FAQ Page can also boost your customer service satisfaction, as responding to the questions can make you understand customers better. It is also a great place where you can find most frequently asked questions, predicting your customer’s struggles and needs.

Structured and connected together within a section, it’s a perfect place to go and find answers. Sometimes we try to answer customers questions through blog or page content, but what if customers want to find all the answers in a much simpler way? Having an FAQ Page can save companies time and money, as it reduces the number of inquiries over helpdesk.

Do You Need an FAQ page?

It’s simple, it can handle all customers questions and answers in one place. You can use it as a place that links to other content on your website. The goal is to make it as easily readable as possible. Because of that fact, FAQ page is often a preferred way to search for help.

Creating an FAQ page gives more benefits to your business, but it is important to be aware that is not always applicable. If you don’t have important questions or important information to present to your customers, you probably don’t need an FAQ page. If your customers or client can find all information on your website and don’t have any question about your organization, it removes the need for such a page.

11 Benefits of an FAQ Page

1. Save your time and money

A well-written FAQ page is the touch point of customer experience. It will help a customer to find answers and questions in one place. Otherwise, they will have no other choice than contact you through your e-mail, phone or another channel for support.

If a customer sends you an e-mail, you can easily send them a link to your FAQ Page or an answer to which it is related. The FAQ page can help you by reducing the number of calls and emails to your support staff. Including one as part of your site helps you to save time and allows you to reduce responding to the same answer over and over.

2. Improves user experience

You can improve the user experience by designing a web page that makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Otherwise, they will most likely leave and search for the answer elsewhere. Make sure that your FAQ page is easy to navigate and written in a language which your audience can understand.

If it is at all possible, you should add the answers in a tutorial style.  Insert the content step by step, along with screenshots, include photography or videos. All of these facts improve user experience, boosting your business the right way.

3. Demonstrates product expertise and strengthen your expert reputation

When answering a customer request or question, it’s important to be both friendly and professional. Demonstrating product expertise in the right way can power-up your reputation while staying polite and helpful will make your customers happy.

4. Enhances your visibility

The power of the FAQ page lies in its ability to increase your visibility on the internet. Adding a new page to the website and adding links to other pages inside the website or using the right keyword can make a website more visible on the internet.

5. Show personality

Personality is important for creating relationships with your audience. A FAQ page is a place where you can be creative. The questions you have answered on your page should be helpful and concise. Moreover, you can always add something new that will help you to boost your sales. Just make sure it aligns with your business.

6. Improves your SEO

Appropriately using keywords on a website is very important to improve your SEO score and your online ranking. An FAQ page is one way to improve your SEO, include new keywords and improve your website traffic.

7. Helps you build trust with your consumers

Establishing trust with your customers is very important to your business and convince them to purchase from you. An FAQ page helps you establish trust because it shows you understand the issues your customers or target audience have.

IT industry is one of many that may use an FAQ page to build trust with their target audience or customer. 99 Problems FAQ answered a variety of questions about personal problems on their site, making it a great way to promote a positive brand image.

8. Provides additional information

When a new customer enters your site, they’re usually looking for information. A well-designed FAQ page is a perfect way to display answers to them, which makes contacting a customer service agent the last resort solution. Answers should provide a call to action that tempts the reader to view a different page on your website.

9. Increases your sales

Not every customer fully trusts you to buy from your company immediately. Include a few questions about sales into your FAQ pages and improve your sales. You can even include a link to your contact page if you have one. Some people are suspicious about products, so they don’t trust you enough to buy it immediately. It also can help you remove customer doubts about your products.

10. Improves customer service and loyalty

FAQ Page allows you to give quick answers to questions, solve problems about your products and solve problems faster. Furthermore, assure your customer that they will turn to your page for help and find all the answers they need. That’s a simple and effective way of improving customer service and loyalty.

11. Faster problem resolutions

Knowledge bases and assistant articles such as FAQ page are perfect ways to provide support and help customers to solve problems. A well-designed one makes it easy to find what they need and be able to find answers quickly.

How to Write a FAQ page?

Firstly, you will need to have a vision of questions which new customers will ask often. They can ask any variety of questions about your services, features or product. The challenge is to create an FAQ page that readers will find useful. All questions that you expect to be frequent should be included in your Q&A.

An effective FAQ page requires little time and good enough time to plan. If you have a helpdesk, support center or call center, it is a good idea to start exploring issues that appear frequently. This can be a good start for the perfect FAQ page. They will help you to reduce the number of calls to the contact center and make a space for the customers who have more complex issues.

9 Ways of Creating a Good FAQ Page

Looking for questions

Customers will contact you through multiple channels. Some will contact you through email, phone, live chat or some other channel. Your job is to collect the most common questions and provide answers. It’s imperative you choose them in a meaningful way while focusing on relevancy, accuracy, and facts to include the questions that will really help your customers.

Answering questions the right way

One of the most important things is to have the right answer to the questions. It is very important because customers trust has to be earned, as there’s no good reason to provide a false answer. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you should use pictures or videos in every question for which you think that those can explain better than words.

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To do that better, you can include photography or video in certain answers. That helps customers to understand your answers and help them on the right and modern way. Use video tutorials, photographs or anything else you think that helps users to build the user experience. One of the new trends in FAQ pages is to include videos that are answering specific questions.

Video offers the ability to have a “conversation” with customers. In addition, it can be an effective tool for building trust. Let the visitor know that if you haven’t answered to their question on this FAQ page they’re welcome to contact you through another channel. Include your contact information – both email or phone number.

Content should be written by the language of customers. Use the phrases that customer understands and avoid jargon and industry-specific terms.

Arranging questions into categories

If you have too many questions, you can arrange those into categories. For example, if you are selling a product and have too many questions about the sale, fetchers of the product or company.

You can arrange it into categories:

  • Sale – put into it questions and answers about your sales, price or anything else what is related to those categories.
  • Product – put into it information’s of your product feature’s, how to sign in, how to use it or similar questions.
  • Basics – put into it basic information about your company or how to create an account, how to reach customer support and similar.

If you split your FAQ questions into clear categories, your customers can easily find what they’re looking for at any given point in time.

Create a FAQ page or section

If you have a website for your company, it’s probably a good idea to integrate it as part of the support section, or as a separate page that holds all their elements.

Make it easy to read

Answers should be clear, direct, personal and sufficiently descriptive. If your customer can find questions and answers quickly they will be more confident in your company.

Include links to other sites

The best power of your FAQ page is a chance to include your primary pages. If you do it, you will advertise some of your primary pages and you can boost your visibility and achieve more SEO goals.

For example, your customer has a question about your product price. If you have primary pages on your website where customers surely can find the answers you can briefly answer and put into answer link to the pricing page where the customer can find more about this question. This will help your customers to find information quickly, that will help you to save time.

Integrate a search box

If you have too many questions and answers on your FAQ page, you should add a search box. Doing so can help users find answers and get what they are looking for an easier and simpler way.

You may use those ways to prevent that user does not get anything when they put questions or key-word into the search box. If you want to prevent that users can’t find what they are looking for, invest time in making your content easier to find! If you have a lot of support content, the knowledge manager can use titles, tags, and keywords to improve searchability.

Set FAQ page goals

The use of a good FAQ page design can boost the “conversion” rate of a website. Whenever customers go on your website the only thing you want them to do is to buy your product or services. If you earn the trust or loyalty of a visitor, chances that they will buy your product are high.

These customers will always come back to work with you. You can also post a link to every solution and FAQ question back to your home page, contact area or your online store to find the information. A good FAQ page can boost your business, make your customers and clients more productive and satisfied. In turn, this makes your page more personalized and useful.

Make the FAQ page easy to find

Include your FAQ page in the footer section of your website, as it will be helpful to your customers. You want FAQ page to be visible at first sight, you do well and consider putting it in the navigation bar of your website.


If customer service is a core part of your business, you might want to create a support page, as it is a simple solution. Over time it became the best place on a brand website for many reasons. Most prominently, it will help you reduce incoming calls, chat, emails and different social media inquiries. It’s also the best solution for start-ups or small companies to save some time and money.

The FAQ page has the potential to be the most preferred and effective feature of a website, as it allows customers to find answers on questions they are looking for. A good FAQ page design helps to promote the self-service. There are plenty more benefits, including: save time and money, improve customer experience and improve your sales. If you think your company needs an FAQ page, be sure you make it a good one.

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