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Using Facebook Messenger for business can deliver a great customer experience. But first, it’s important to understand why people go social. Social media channels are the preferred communication route for customers. The truth is that without customers, businesses wouldn’t exist – that’s the number one reason for having great customer service.

Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking. – Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO, Facebook

Users around the world use messaging apps, making them one of the largest services on the market. They have hundreds of millions of daily and monthly active users, pointing to a very interesting fact. Today, people are choosing social networks above traditional channels. In particular, they’re using them to reach the companies they’re interested in interacting within a meaningful way. Consequently, Facebook has evolved into a great platform for marketing and advertising.

Coca-Cola uses Facebook Messenger for business, especially for engaging customers.

“With over three million fans of Coca-Cola in France, Facebook was naturally at the heart of our campaign strategy.” – Manuel Berquet-Clignet, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola France.

They also have a great creative campaign, which has a direct impact on sales. That is because Facebook Messenger gave Coca-Cola a valuable creative opportunity. In turn, it made them a fast-moving and innovative company. If you want to know more about what drives their campaigns, check out a taste of happiness success story. It seems like Messenger became a platform for creating a great customer experience.

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Facebook for Business Owners: Your Customers are Using Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world, with over a billion daily active users on Messenger. Around 82% of total customers expect great service on Facebook, according to The Accent Marketing study. That’s more than on any other social media website!

Chart: Usage of Facebook

Picture  1. Usage of Facebook

The use of Facebook Messenger for business purposes is increasing. Due to increased volume and customer presence, brands are choosing to dedicate even more resources towards communicating with their customers on Facebook. At any rate, it leaves platforms like Twitter and Google+ in the dust when it comes to usage.

“Messenger has started to become the preferred communication channel. In some instances, it’s completely taken the place of texting or emailing.” – Mary Mallard

Customers want real-time and direct communication with businesses, which means companies must determine how to best integrate Facebook Messenger into their business. For example, Nike is using chatbots to improve customer experience. They lead you through the whole process, from style selection to buying a product. Thus, this method also has a great success rate when it comes to making customers happy.

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Nike is using chatbots to improve customer experience

Picture 2. Nike is using chatbots to improve customer experience

DMR says that Facebook made the messaging function on their mobile application, and they’ve been racking up impressive usage numbers ever since. Growing rapidly over the past year, Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming more than just an application.

Useful Messenger statics:

  • Over 1 billion Facebook Messenger users
  • 1 billion average messages sent monthly to users and business
  • 17 billion photos sent through Facebook Messenger per month
  • 400 million users of audio and video call each month
  • 15 billion mobile daily active users
  • 91% millennials (15-35 year-olds) use Facebook

Be There for Your Customers

Facebook is where your future customers hang out, and it’s too big for businesses to ignore. Social is real-time, as Facebook Messenger is a fast-moving channel. Your customers are used to a quick and organic response. As a result, many of them expect the response in under an hour or two.

Most of all, using Facebook Messenger makes for quicker interactions. It also removes the need to wait for a reply because you get notifications, as Messenger is everywhere where the customers are. Hence, using Messenger for Facebook business makes companies successful. Why? Because they are always connected with the customers.

“Using Facebook Messenger as a customer service tool can improve brand engagement. Messenger can even be used to deliver proactive notifications.” – Aspect Software

LiveWorld says that all B2C companies have the same challenge. Customers are becoming more mobileHow do you engage with customers when they are constantly moving? It seems inevitable that companies must integrate Facebook Messenger into their customer service. In addition, they must determine how to best integrate it into their existent service in order to improve customer care and satisfaction.

Why do businesses care about messaging? Kemal El Moujahid explains this well.

“Time spent on social media and messaging increased a staggering 400% last year. Businesses are starting to realize that they need to communicate with users. Email is spammy. The text is very limited. And phone calls require someone’s undivided attention.” – Kemal El Moujahid, Facebook Messenger product manager.

Facebook Messenger Usage

Millennials Using Facebook Messenger

According to Business Insider, messaging is the dominant communication option among millennials. Furthermore, this is also the reason that companies need to be where their customers are most active, as it allows you to build a great experience for your company or your brand.

Social messaging apps are especially popular among millennials. Facebook Messenger reaches 35% millennials, more than other mobile apps.

Active Millennial usage of Facebook Messenger

In an article about how millennials preferer to deal with companies over chat, Ian Barker talks about some crucial benefits of text apps. He makes a point that all communication channels are available for dealing with businesses. Around 60% of Millennials prefer two-way communication, as it’s convenient, fast and easy to use.

“These results show that the capabilities of SMS are very prevalent with millennials. They desire more opportunities to communicate through textin. Including more personal two-way interactions.” – Jay Emmet, General Manager, OpenMarket.


When it comes to social networks, Facebook is arguably the most popular one. Companies have already realized that they have a huge advantage when using Facebook Messenger, especially within their business. As a result, they also need to consider how best to use the resources that are available to them and adapt it to their target audience.

Messenger is also a great way to help companies improve your business goals. That’s the main reason why an increasing number of companies have started using it for business purposes. Most of all, it’s used for answering user questions and announcing new offers. What’s the biggest benefit of using Facebook Messenger? Gaining valuable experience by using the most popular social media platform in the world.

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