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When you’re creating a marketing strategy, you’ll need people in your team that has enough knowledge to implement that strategy. Each of them needs adequate equipment and technologies to show all his skills. Also, team leaders have a lot of responsibilities to keep the whole team happy at their workplace and to keep their productivity at the highest level. It’s always hard to handle more people at once because they have to deal with different personalities and priorities.

Your strategy should be set that everyone does their job right on time so that you can deliver your work within a specified time. So, to do this well, you’ll organize your time. Also, for making your schedule meetings, and communication, there are tools that set tasks for each member of the team and other activities.

Best and the most common tools that could help you to implement the marketing strategy will be below in this article. Each of them has its own purpose and gives you some kind of improvements in doing business.


This is a software that is mostly used like a shared workspace software and for better communication in a team. Slack is currently the most popular software in the market for this purpose. It allows you to collaborate in a way to create and start a project, hire new people, review contracts for sales, define budgets, any many more.

As well, this is useful for B2B businesses because you can create channels for a specific project in your organization. So, it means that the team can communicate with clients, but still stay in their own groups.

When you consider how popular it is and that the biggest organizations use it, it means that it’s probably the best software out there for this purpose.


Picture 1. Slack


Asana is a tool that allows you to create different tasks for each team member, create plans, mark projects and task as completed, assign specific employee for specific tasks and other possibilities. It is very useful when you have deadlines to create a schedule of tasks. It greatly improves productivity when you know what you need to do in a day, week or month.

Also, you can integrate it with Google Drive apps, so you can import already existing documents.


Picture 2. Asana


Ahrefs is a tool for backlinks, keyword researching, rank tracking and other features. If you do the research for keywords, Ahrefs gives you what is a key difficulty for a specific keyword, its search volume, return rate and everything you need to know about keywords. For backlinks, it shows you which backlink you should or not use on your sites.

Therefore, we can say that this tool is essential for your content and SEO. It shows you which content is good and relevant and its potential.


Picture 3. Ahrefs


Grammarly is an expansion for browsers which helps you in writing content. It will highlight all the mistakes in terms of words and context of the content. This spellcheck tool saves you time by correcting all the mistakes in the content.

This tool has a free and paid version. In the free version, it points out only mistakes about the words that are wrongly written. If you want Grammarly to highlight passive or some other feature, it will cost you around $30 per month.


Picture 4. Grammarly


This is one great tool that helps you to create visuals for your blog posts and social media. It’s very easy and simple to use. Infographics and other graphics are always good to use in blog posts to give the depth of information within a blog.

Furthermore, it’s great because it allows you to create teams where every member shares its visuals. Same as Grammarly, Canva has its free and prepaid version. The difference is that in the free version you cannot use all vectors and symbols. If you want to use some of them, you need to pay. A paid version is $12.95 per team member/month.


Picture 5. Canva


HootSuite is a tool with a dashboard where you can track your activity on all social media. You can post on multiple platforms at once. It makes it easier to organize your work and measure what you do on social media.

Just like in Asana, it’s useful for teams because each member has an insight in every platform. This tool achieves better results every year because of its efficiency and usefulness.

All the analytics and numbers are in one place. It’s great because you have better insight into your social media activity. It provides a detailed view of the statistics of campaigns and how it performs.


Picture 6. HootSuite


Zapier is very is a complex tool but has only one function. That is to connect all other tools, platforms and apps. Right now, it has approximately 1000 integrated apps. To make it clearer how it works, we’ll explain it through one really common process.

So, if you get an email that needs to be discussed with other colleagues in Slack. After that, it needs to be arranged by tasks in Asana. Then it needs to be placed on WordPress and ready for publishing shown in HootSuite. That’s where Zapier steps in and completely automates the whole process.


Picture 7. Zapier

Tools for Increasing Marketing Productivity

To increase the productivity of the whole marketing team, you need to provide them the tools and technologies that will help them to do the best work they can. There are a lot of tools that might help you. But the most important tools are the ones that you can read here. These are Slack, Asana, Ahrefs, Grammarly, Canva, HootSuite, and Zapier. Each of these tools has its own purpose and value. Also, all of them can help with creating your landing page

Slack improves communication between team members and clients. Asana allows you to create tasks for the team. Toolset Ahrefs is used for research for content and improving SEO performance. Grammarly is an extension for browsers to correct your mistakes in writing content, while Canva is an application for creating visual that will be in blog posts and on social media. Moreover, HootSuite gives you better insight into your social media activities.

Finally, the last tool in this blog is Zapier. That is a tool that automates all your workflows. That improves and speeds-up all the actions of marketers.

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