Emotional Intelligence – The Future Of Chatbots

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As for technology advances, the question arises:

“What’s up with chatbots?”

Chatbots are seeing an ascending trend among companies who implement them among their business. Today, we can find many great solutions to choose from.

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But, what other use we will see from them in the future rather than just chatting. What will change? Will they make an even bigger impact than today?

Let’s see if there is any bright future for chatbots in this world. Here are a few things we believe will wait for chatbots in just a few years from now!

More Human-Like Interaction

Chatbots are expected to become “more human” than ever before. Both businesses use them and customers who interact with them. It’s expected from chatbots to have more human traits in communication.

AI technology will allow customers and machines to interact more naturally.

Therefore, companies are pouring money into the development of AI technologies, negotiation capabilities and reinforced learning to help machines get a better understanding of the human language and user requests.

Chatbots Will Advance Beyond Humans

Chatbots are till today believed to change and redefine how organizations are carrying through their business more particularly in their approach towards customer service and customer experience.

Even though, until date, not a single Chatbot has passed the Turing test. But there are some big advances in AI development. The AI developed by Elon Musk went in for competing against the world’s best players in Dota2 and won with ease.

Artificial intelligence is getting better. But, as we mentioned there is not a single chatbot that is smart enough to pass the Turing test. However, AI and deep learning have been advancing at a fast pace. It advances so much so that we can imagine a future where chatbots will be inconspicuous to humans.

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AI can develop capabilities that can allow chatbots to run thousands of algorithms in real time and help them set up a customized marketing strategy to convert every prospect personally. In the coming years, artificial intelligence will become not so a special feature on the chatbot checklist, but a staple.

The Rise of Voice-Based Chatbots

Last few years has been an excellent year for Smart speaker market due to the effort of big corporations like Amazon and Google to pushing forward their global market share on it. According to new survey-based data, Amazon has sold more than 31 million Echo devices on the US market.

Google, on the other hand, is trying to take his cake of market. According to the same survey, Google sold his Home devices more than 14 million, and by this, they are taking 31 percent of US smart speaker market.

This data is showing that voice experience is going mainstream. Because of big demand for Amazon Echo and Google Home, companies like PullString or Storyline coming to the market to help companies build easily voice-based chatbots.

Smart Speakers

For chatbots, this means that the development of voice communication might not be the mainstream effort, but it will be a strong trend. Voice chatbots, will get their honored place in chatbot industry because more and more companies are making well-known Amazon Echo “skills” that enable chatbot-driven functions for users to have on their device.

In the future, we can expect, more companies that build voice chatbot applications, and even more bold companies that build smart speaker devices to take their piece of market cake.

Automated Helpdesk Support

With the advancement of AI, we will see the rise of helpdesk support centers that will operate without the need for humans to be present. Therefore, automated helpdesk centers will need to develop deep knowledge to function properly with the customers.

We might now predict, but in the future, chatbots will be cheaper than ever before. Because of that, there would not be the need for as many human agents. Those types of helpdesk centers will be available 24/7, and they will never get sick, and beg you for a sick leave!

Chatbots Will Impact Data

Marketing experts already know that after collecting analytics they need to be acted on constant improvement. More advanced AI chatbots will be expected to start automating the process of collecting and analyzing data. And with time, improve themselves using the knowledge obtained from past conversations and increase their capability to answer more questions.

The managing of big data has been of major concern in recent years and chatbots might provide a solution. Big data has huge potential especially for analyzing data and offering useful information to companies. With the use of AI chatbots, the availability of big data will also be expected to change the way businesses interact with their clients. That’s because each conversation will be assessed to raise business growth and enhanced customer engagement capabilities.


We hope we will see some of those predictions to come true, especially the rise of the smart speaker market. The smart speaker trend will bring exciting new ideas and change the way of interaction with chatbots. Remember that are just predictions, who knows what the future brings to the chatbot industry.

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