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What Benefits do Emoticons Offer to Your Business?

There’s plenty of reasons a business uses emoticons when communicating with customers and partners. Let’s explore some of the benefits your brand gains from such an approach.  

The most popular emojis on the internet

Picture 1. Popular emojis

Firstly, they make your business feel more personal. We are all human beings with feelings, however, you probably rarely express emotions in the business world. People can act stiff and drive away potential customers. Appealing to the human side of things brings customers much closer to you and gives your relationship a chance to grow.

They are honest in their expression. The essence of emojis is to connect you with your audience. Taking the relationship a step further will show your customers that you are honest and approachable. Be sure your expression comes across as honest, showing users you care about them. There’s no easier way of doing this than with a smile(y).

Also, smileys guide the users’ attention, because who wouldn’t want to look at those smiley faces. Using them properly to support your message can enhance the story of your brand.

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Emoticon Demography

Whether the use of emoji is appreciated or not depends on the other person, the one you are interacting with. There is a reason to advise caution, as not everyone understands emojis in the same way.

It greatly depends on the age, gender and culture of a person. All of us understand the emojis differently. For example, a person from Japan can find closed eyes emoji attracting, while others define it the sleepy ones. Be sure you know who your audience is before using emojis in any kind of business correspondence.

To be on the safe side, you can always use social mimicry. That involves using emoji in your business communication only when another person does so. If the their tone is formal, it could be wise to exclude emojis and save them until you’ve become more familiar with that person.

Using Emojis in Business Communication

Emojis aren’t just fun little characters to add to your social posts. They’re used to humanize your brand when words just can’t. That means they’re not meant to be overused, so it’s important you use them sparingly and only when it’s appropriate.

In order to ensure that emojis are properly used in your content, pay attention to the following.

Use them casually. Do not force the use of emojis, sometimes a clean text is what’s needed. Depending on a message tone and the environment, evaluate if it is the proper time to use them while communicating.

Take a minimalistic approach. Trying to force emojis where they don’t belong is a bad idea. You can confuse your customers or even drive them away. It’s important you don’t spam or overuse them. Use a maximum of two per correspondence. More than two implies a more personal relationship, according to relevant emoji statistics.

Put a cap on your emojis. Don’t just go smiling at people. You need to a way to reach them – emoji color and carefully picked out mimics may change the focus of your content. To look more professional and clean, put a cap on your emoji so it doesn’t affect your professional proficiency. If you are already established a relationship with a user, make sure you use a personalized approach.

Go further with emojis, make your own set of emoticons. Such a move can get any brand a lot of attention, and even boost presence across the board, driving a lot of user engagement in the process. Emojis are also useful for advertising and promoting your brand if you have the right strategy in mind. Like everything else, this needs to be considerate of your brand identity and general marketing purpose.

emoji for business

Break Your Business Routine

A good way to break your ‘boring’ business routine is to use emojis. As proven above, they can be an great asset in business communication – if used appropriately. Great natural relationship builders, they’re the number one tool for making sure that your users feel like a part of a larger community. However, they’re not to be misused in any way, as it may have dire effects. That’s why they should be used sparingly and when it is appropriate. Moreover, that’s no reason not to analyze your audience and experiment a bit. Create your own emoji strategy and let your business shine.

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