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With more and more gig economy workers and the flexible time-work policy, customer service jobs seem to be hot and trending nowadays. Regardless of the geographic location or time, if you have a computer and an Internet connection, you have the ability to work as a customer service agent. 

However, landing a job in customer service and having an interview with a potential employer can be stressful and hard. Especially, if you are just entering the new field of work. To help you out, we have prepared some of the most common interview questions that you can expect in the interview.

Leave the stress out and just prepare yourself for the great day. 

What Is Good Customer Service?

Providing good customer service isn’t always the easiest job, especially in the digital environment. Since customer service is different for every company and is tied closely to their customers and their expectations, it is hard to unify the definition of excellent customer service for all companies in the world.  

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But, whatever the approach and method, the goal of customer service is always the same – a happy customer

Customer Service Interview: How to Prepare? 

Before you go to the interview, we advise you to prepare as much as you can. Read everything you can about the company on their website, social media and other digital entities to gain a deeper insight into company values, products or services. The more information you have, the more chances you get for the next evaluation step.

Take a look at the job ad and the responsibilities listed. Compare it to what you already know about customer service, trends in customer experience and best examples from other brands.  

Don’t forget to talk about the problem – solving situations where you successfully resolved the issue in your last experiences in customer service (if you had any). Be specific and try to explain what the problem was and how you managed it. It would give a better picture of your expertise and efficiency.

8 Customer Service Interview Questions [With Answers]

Keep in mind that one of the most important things during your job interview is your attitude. Your friendly face and a big smile can make a big difference in first impression and ice-breaking no matter what customer service position you are applying for. Be positive, patient, and friendly during the interview. 

What is Customer Service?

Interviewers point of view: 

When you got this question, your interviewer wants to know how you define customer service and does it matches with the company’s values. This question has the intention to gain better insight into your business values and do they meet the criteria for excellent customer service defined by the organization.

Answer example:  

I would explain customer service as one of the most essential elements of a business. The role of customer service representatives is to help the customer with their issues, as well as ensure the amazing customer experience. When I say customer experience, I mean meeting the expectations of customers – product-wise and service wise.  

What Does Good Customer Service Mean to You?

Interviewers point of view:

When this question appears during the interview, this means only one thing – your interviewer wants to gain a deeper insight into your values, both as a customer and a customer service agent. Even if you haven’t had previous experience as a customer service agent, think about what makes a good customer service for you – from the customer perspective. 

Digging the internet to search for good customer service examples is also a way to prepare for this question. 

Answer example:  

Excellent customer service means being patient in relation to your customers. Moreover, good customer service implies that the company really listens to customers’ problems and resolves it fast and efficient. 

Couple a weeks ago I had to go for a car-security check. My service company reserved a slot to fix my tires, but unfortunately, I had to cancel due to the unexpected meeting. After going back and forth with scheduling, canceling and rescheduling, I have expected that they will lose patience with me, but they made a 6th reservation with a smile and understanding! This for mee, indeed, is fantastic customer service!

What Do You Know About Our Product or Service?

Interviewers point of view:

This question is crucial for your interviewer because it shows them the level of preparations done before the interview, and your ability to research. Here, you hold the opportunity to express your knowledge about the company and your research skills.  

Answer example:  

ABC company is focused on small business which is an excellent niche since they develop features for this company size. Besides small business features, ABC company is spreading its market on more prominent companies, and they have launched new features that are very applicable to their needs. This is an excellent move for the company to increase revenue and market share.

Customer service skills

Picture 1. Customer service skills 

Why Do You Think You’d Be a Good Fit for Our Company?

Interviewers point of view:

This question is similar to “Why should we hire you?” and it is connected with company culture. Interviewers would like to have better insight into how do you fit into the company’s culture and atmosphere.

Answer example:  

After some research on the ABC company, I have noticed that you are doing great efforts to friendly company culture and have done amazing steps to protect the environment, as well as to optimize your business to become more sustainable. I think that a set of my skills will easily project for this challenging position. I am a good listener, patient with customers but also problem- solver. My positive energy and quotas that I have successfully fulfilled over the years can be an excellent asset for your customer service team.

Why Do You Want to Work in Customer Service?

Interviewers point of view:

Here, you have the opportunity to present your tendency to customer care, communication towards people of just a big passion for product or brand that you would represent. This kind of quality is maybe something that your interviewer is looking for.

Answer example:  

I find myself to be a very flexible and problem-solving person when it comes to customer service. Communication with people isn’t always rewarding, but the final present comes in the shape of a happy customer, and that is what makes my engine running. 

Tell Us About a Time You Had to Deal with a Problematic or Rude Customer

Interviewers point of view:

Interviewers want to see you can handle difficult situations with unhappy and rude customers and how do you respond to the high level of stress and pressure.

Answer example:  

I had a situation with the customer who had an issue with one of the features. He was giving me a hard time by being very impolite and aggressive. 

First, I have responded calmly and told him that we will find out the solution to the problem. When I checked the system, there were no reported issues from the Q&A team. 

After a deep check and going to the back-end, I have found out that the customer did not activate the feature correctly. I have given him detailed instructions on how to enable the feature. Above all, I have offered him to assist personally the next time he needs help with new updates or new features.  

He was delighted and thanked me with a big apology via email and a five-star review for my service.

Tell Us More About Your Customer Service Experience

Interviewers point of view:

Potential employers want to know if you have experience in a similar role in the pas. There is no need to describe every position you’ve had—emphasize the most relevant ones. And, if you do not have a lot of experience in customer service or customer care, or don’t have it at all, discuss relevant skills that you have. Some of the best skills that you could present are communication skills, empathy, problem-solving, and patience.

Answer example:  

The last company that I have worked more than XY years/ months I have a similar role but more focused on customer growth and sales. This role helped me to have a bigger picture of customers’ needs and often demanded customer service skills. I think that a combination of experience in sales and customer service can be a great skill that I can bring into your team.

What Are the Top Qualities of a Person Who Needs to Deliver Reliable Customer Service?

Interviewers point of view:

Be honest with your response because different companies have different values that they emphasize, such as fast response time or maybe customer satisfaction over meeting the customer expectations. 

Answer example:  

I believe it’s essential to be patient and warm with customers—not only will it leave a good impression on customers, but it also delivers excellent customer experience. However, it’s also essential for me to solve customers’ problems efficiently and fast at a reasonable time.

How to Make the Best Impression on the Interview?

You can’t be over-prepared for your potential employer. Try to research their company website, social media activities deeply but also their culture and organization. Don’t forget to take intense research on the product and services they provide and what are their specializations.

Take a look at the most outstanding customer service skills for great customer service and see what you can present and bring into the team. If you have time, you can always learn more with online training courses for the agents.

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