Customer Experience Jobs: How to Hire a Person Who Cares About Your Customer?

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The customer experience (CX) jobs are one of the most popular jobs nowadays. Since customer needs have only increased and they expect the brand to surpass their expectations, brands have started to realize the need for new job positions. 

The main goal of customer experience jobs, in general, is to strengthen customer’s involvement with the brand. And to create a unique relationship with customers that will continue doing business with your brand.

In order to create those unique relationships and make an impact on CX, brands need experienced and specialized people to help them achieve those goals. If you are interested in hearing who are those people and what are the most popular CX jobs nowadays, tune in for more! Now, let’s start with the definition of CX.

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What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

Paldesk defined it well: “CX is a concept describing the overall experience a user has with a brand, without the time or channel limitation. Consider CX as an umbrella concept that encompasses all channels, platforms, products, and interactions that the user has with a brand over time. The feeling the customer has around the brand is a result of the customer experience.”

Customer Experience Jobs – Hire The Right People

Hiring New Candidates

It is important to set goals when hiring any person in a team, especially with a job role which is new to the market.  When creating your unique job description, try to think of what customer-experience you want to deliver and what business values you’d like to promote.  From that point on, when you have the customer experience goals you want to achieve, you will have the ease of conducting the list of tasks a new customer experience teammates should and will perform.

When advertising,  use the keywords and metrics to hit the right target audience.

What Type of Person Succeeds in CX?

The type of person who is customer-centric succeeds in CX. The one with a sincere obsession with CX and the one that focuses on delivering outstanding customer service. The ones with a great set of skills that includes: 

  • empathy and understanding
  • patience
  • emotional intelligence
  • business skills
  • strong communication skills
  • analytical skills
  • technical skills
  • leadership skills
  • project management skills
  • ability to adapt
  • problem-solving skills and more

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Picture 1. Recruiting the people with right skills

Promote Your Current Employees into Specialists

You may have the right people right in front of your eyes. Try asking your current employees about what have they learned so far, which new skills they gained. Communication is crucial.

If your current employees don’t have skills needed for promotion but they have a will to learn so they could eventually be promoted, send them on training programs. Employees will gain more skills and will be able to contribute more. When talking about training, here are the Customer Service Agent Training Courses you will want to check out.

5 Most Common Customer Experience Jobs in 2020

1. Customer Experience Manager

A Customer Experience Manager role is a highly important role as it is responsible for customer loyalty and turning customers into brand advocates. 

CX managers should be able to create great strategies that will further examine customers’ needs and how to make them loyal. That will eventually make customers brand advocates. And we know how important their role is in the CX world. The more customers you make loyal and happy, the more they will share it with others – which is the best advertising of all types. It will improve the image of your brand.

With previous experience, skills required for CX manager position are:

  • good understanding of a customer
  • communication skills
  • empathy and understanding
  • ability to adapt 
  • active listening
  • change management skills
  • analytical skills
  • team management and leadership

Without a good understanding of a customer, it will not be possible to make improvements and to make a relationship with customers that will result in loyalty. After all, it is crucial that the CX manager is constantly thinking about how he can improve customers’ needs. 

Also, the CX manager role is also the product cycle, to try to maximize revenue and minimize costs with their programs and strategies.

2. Customer Experience Director

CX director must be a difficult role. And to get this job you need to possess a huge amount of leadership skills, as that will be one of your primary roles. To be a great director who invests time into leading teams and training teams properly so they could achieve their goals together. And finally, to become your employee’s influence. To achieve that, it is important to show them the importance of remaining customer-centric.


Picture 2. Leading team

With previous experience, skills required for CX Director position are:

  • leadership skills
  • team management skills
  • strong communication skills
  • technical and analytical skills
  • good project management skills
  • high dedication to customers at any moment
  • high motivation
  • thoughtful

Some of the CX Director responsibilities besides leading are to create unique strategies and manage every project a company has. To build strong relationships with stakeholders. And to include creating company-wide policies based on information in order to repeatedly enhance the customer experience.

iperceptions is a global leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions pointed out: „What separates CX leaders from the rest is the ability to effectively leverage marketing technologies to create personal, relevant and engaging customer experiences.“ 

Simply, every good CX director needs to see the bigger picture – to solve the puzzle how CX fits into their strategy and how to ensure continued success.

3. Customer Success Manager

This job role is quite new among customer experience jobs. It was created by the SaaS / Cloud space development. The function of a customer success manager can vary from company to company and from industry to industry.

A customer success manager is an expert who represents an online company, brand or organization. They are the vital points of contact for any customer concerns regarding the product, service, support, or billing.

With previous experience, skills required for CS manager position are:

  • understanding of project management
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • good emotional intelligence
  • ability to handle unexpected scenes
  • ambitious, energetic, enthusiastic
  • desire to improve on processes
Customer success manager salary

Picture 3. Customer success manager salary by state per year

Also, were you aware that there are over 20,000 people on LinkedIn with “customer success manager” in their title? It is one of the fastest-growing positions at this moment

There is the Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn where more than 32,000 participants are currently available. If you wish to be a part of the ongoing conversation of the worldwide community of customer success experts, simply join the forum – The Customer Success Forum.

4. Digital Customer Experience Manager

Next among customer experience jobs is the role of a digital CX manager. One of his primary tasks is to lead the digital CX team and to create and implement strategies together. And those strategies will help to improve and offer outstanding digital CX.

Besides that, he needs to have a strong understanding of the company’s customers. Only then digital CX managers will be able to transform it into a digital experience.

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With previous experience, skills required for digital CS manager position are:

  • understanding of digital CX and digital marketing
  • leadership skills
  • communication skills
  • analytical and organizational skills
  • passionate about digital CX
  • problem-solving skills
  • easy  to adapt
  • digital and web design knowledge
  • innovative and creative

Simply, a digital customer experience manager supervises, designs and enhances customer relationships and customer experiences through digital communication and online platforms. Those could be social media channels, chatbots, and more.

5. Customer Experience Analyst

A Customer Experience Analyst analyzes customers’ feedback, calculates their satisfaction, track metrics and interpret the given results and afterward develop solutions to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction reports are one of many data customer service analysts use in order to develop strategies and techniques to improve the efficiency of the service department. 

With previous experience, skills required for a CX analyst position are:

  • strong analytical skills
  • good knowledge of web analytics, web optimization
  • excellent oral and written communication skills
  • presentation skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • organizational skills
  • detail-oriented
  • knowledge of customer service practices

Simply, their main role among all these customer experience jobs is to turn abstract problems into actionable solutions.

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Are You Ready for Customer Experience Jobs?

Customer experience jobs will only evolve with time. New positions are already in process and make sure you find yourself a suitable one. And be prepared. Learn as many new things as you can, go to training programs and build yourself.

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