When FAQ! is the Answer to
Your Customer’s Inquiry

Talk to a PAL – Customer Care Agent Whisperer

World’s First Live Chat Support for Customer Care Agents

Bosses gave you KPIs so high, that your fingertips are bleeding over the keyboard? Your customers are sometimes so demanding that you poured the entire knowledge base into one canned response?

Meet PAL, Customer Care Agent Whisperer!

When Everything is Going South…

Remember that you are essential to companies and customers around the world.

In exchange for each of your customer stories (good or bad), we are investing $10 in Wolrd’s first Customer Care Retreat Center!

Chatmate Paldesk

Empathy Ticket Pending?

This one you can’t reassign to your colleagues and it’s almost impossible to retrieve it once it’s overdue. When your empathy levels are low and you need the boost to your pending ticket research, talk to our customer care agent whisperer – Pal!  

When Your Brain Needs a Hug

Inhale - Exhale

Repeat to Yourself ‘Customers are People too’

Drink a Lot of Fluids

Don’t Throw Away Your Computer, Mouse or Life

#WeCare About Customer Care

This is only the beginning of our efforts to save customer care agents from burnout. You are essential to companies and customers, therefore we are planning to build the world’s first, Paldesk Customer Care Agent Retreat Center.

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