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If you are having a problem with your helpdesk then you came to the right place. Dealing with customers can deal a huge headache if your team is not dealing with them properly. But, let’s not blame customers for everything. Sometimes, there might be a problem with your business strategy. In this article, we will cover a few common mistakes that you might do without realizing.

Hiring Wrong People

You know the importance of employee engagement and their satisfaction on the job. But, if you want to deliver great customer service, hiring the right talent is also important. You need people that can be responsible because they are the main channel between the interest of a company and your customers. Of course, becoming a great support agent takes time and goodwill to achieve, but being emotionally intelligent and adaptive to new challenges, will make a person a good choice for hiring.

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Hiring people

Picture 1. Hiring the right talent is important

Poor Team Communication and Teamwork

You know how they say, there is no “I” in a team? They are right. As we mentioned, having the right individuals for the job is crucial for your customer service. Therefore, it’s just as important to put together those individuals in a compact and well-synchronized team. We are all different, we think differently and we all act differently in some situation.

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So, it’s important to connect your staff, build trust between them and you. Being honest with each other is important because you don’t want to have negative thoughts inside your team. This can tear it apart. Build reliability, clarify your mission, and define core values upon which they will hold.

Outdated Helpdesk Tool

How many are customer support services using a tool that’s holding them back, without even realizing? It could be that the wrong tool was chosen, thanks to a poorly managed selection process, or that the tool hasn’t kept up with the trends in helpdesk industry. Outdated tools actually cost your organization. Not just the support channel, but also the maintenance or the monthly subscription for the helpdesk software you purchased.

Other expenses you can across with an outdated tool is lack of features. Lacking newer capabilities like omnichannel experience, mobile support or easy integration with other platforms and tools can only bring damage to your business. While a newer helpdesk tool might seem like an additional and expensive investment, the cost of staying with a tool that holds you back might be higher.

Thinking About Money

When we talk about outdated helpdesk tools, there is a big misconception about getting one or getting a new one. Business owners go just straight, show me the money road. They expect that establishing customer support will bring money directly into their pocket.

Customer service isn’t about that.

Customer service focus on customers and customers only. Implementing customer service means that your goal is to improve customers satisfaction, their experience and your reachability towards them. You need to give something, in order to get something back. And how you think to achieve that if you won’t invest in your customers?


Picture 2. Focus on customers

Providing Hierarchy-Based Customer Service

Many companies who decide to implement customer service in their business fall into a trap of providing support divided into tiers. It means that every request or inquiry start at the lowest tier, and if it’s not fulfilled or solved, then it advances into a higher tier. Inside higher tier support are mostly the most experienced agents. You clearly see that this can be a good model for saving money. But, it’s clear that this model prevents new agents from learning to the full potential. This can become a problem because you only delay customers ticket resolution and teams overall learning curve is not that high as it should be.

Therefore, it should be avoided by implementing customer support where your support agents collaborate. You might think how? Isn’t that decreasing overall agent’s availability? Two of them sitting together at the same desk and solving the problem? Let’s see how Paldesk solves that. Paldesk enables you to invite another agent to your team so they also can see the ticket that needs to be solved. So, simultaneously multiple agents can at the same time solve any problem if your new agents have a hard time dealing with it.

Paldesk Agent Chat

Picture 3. Paldesk – a great example

Over-Measuring Metrics

Another common mistake is measuring everything. There are so many things you can measure. But, you need to be selective about it, don’t clog your data. Always remember that it’s all about the quality of your data, not the quantity. Choose meaningful and relatable metrics. While you create your report, you should think about how that specific metric can be used to make improvements? If the answer is that it doesn’t help, then forget about that one and choose others that can help. So, don’t waste your time and resource collecting and reporting on meaningless metrics.

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