Chatbot Conversion: How to Improve your Online Conversion Strategy

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Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and businesses alike. Their benefits are far-reaching, and they can be the deciding factor for a lead turning into a conversion.

What is a Chatbot?

Before we dive into the weird and wonderful world of chatbot conversions, let’s first establish exactly what constitutes as a chatbot. 

A chatbot is an artificially-intelligent piece of software that can be integrated into apps and websites. Its purpose is essentially to mimic human conversation, either through text or audio means. They are programmed to respond appropriately to a person’s words and sentences, effectively forming a two-way, simple conversation. 

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What are the Chatbot Business Benefits? 

Chatbots are excellent for businesses. Their main function is to open a line of communication between a business and its customers. This act alone naturally leads to a rise in qualified leads, chatbot conversion, and sales. 

Additionally, chatbots increase business productivity by freeing up time that would otherwise be spent speaking with customers, either by phone or email. You, as a business, can get more done, knowing that most of your customers’ questions and concerns are being taken care of virtually, without the need for human interference.

Chatbot trends

Picture 1. Chatbot trends for the future

Chatbot Conversion: How to Improve your Online Strategy? 

Even before we get into the details, you can probably see how this technology can greatly help gain more conversions. But, we’re here to get specific. So, if you’d like to know how chatbot conversion can affect your overall digital strategy, read on…

Chatbots can answer questions

How many times have you visited a website only to leave when you couldn’t find an answer to your question? Or, how many times have you been advised to “phone customer services” and then shopped elsewhere because it just wasn’t worth the effort?

This is exactly the sort of thing chatbots are designed for. Those simple queries that can be answered straight away, if only there was someone (or something) there to answer them. 

The question could be as simple as “How long will this item take to arrive?”. It’s a small question, but the answer could have a big impact. If that person needs the item quickly and there’s no one there to advise them, then they’ll probably just look elsewhere. 

Answering your site visitors’ questions will put their minds at ease and make them much more likely to go ahead with the conversion. 

Chatbots provide credibility

The presence of a chatbot on a website or application gives it an extra layer of credibility. Because real or not, there is “someone” there to speak on the company’s behalf. Credibility means a lot in the world of consumers. And an extra layer goes a long way. 

Chatbots show that you care about customers

Details matter when you’re trying to encourage conversions. The slightest thing can have a big impact, both positively and negatively. Everything on your website that promotes care and trust will work in your favor. 

Integrating a chatbot into your website will show your audience that you care about their experience on your site. You’ve taken the time and effort to provide them with a modern, sophisticated (and pretty cool) method of communicating with your business.

Chatbots show that you care about your website

Technology costs money. If you’re willing to spend money on professional website features and integrations, you are telling your customers that your website means a lot to you. You are showing them that you take your business seriously and that you’ve put thought and effort into making it as good as it can be.

Chatbots can save you money

Chatbots are an excellent investment for any business. They provide customer satisfaction without the costs of keeping customer service staff. This frees up more revenue for you to spend on your marketing efforts, thus increasing leads and conversions.

According to IBM, using a chatbot on your website can reduce the costs of your customer services by as much as 30%. 

Chatbots can encourage conversation 

Chatbots can be programmed to prompt your site visitors to speak with them. They can encourage visitors to communicate any problems with them or point them in the right direction if they’re looking for something. 

Often, if a visitor can’t find something, they’ll just leave the site and not take it any further. If, on the other hand, a chatbot pops up asking if they need help with something, the line of communication is open, and the visitor is shown what they’re looking for. 

This, in turn, can lead to a huge increase in conversions, because you’re winning over the people who would have otherwise simply left your site, never to return.

Where Can You Use Chatbots?

The great thing about Chatbots is that they’re so diverse and can be integrated into most websites and apps. This even includes low-cost WordPress-hosted sites and websites you’ve built yourself with a simple drag-and-drop tool. 

Chatbots don’t go by the extravagance of your website. They are simply an intelligent widget that you add to your existing website, whatever kind that may be.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Chatbot Conversions?

If the answer is yes, chatbots will do the job, and they’ll do it well! Give your audience a gentle nudge through the sales funnel and increase your website conversions.

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