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SuperSport is an online sport betting, online gaming, and
online casino tech company. They believe this is possible
by guaranteeing their users easy access to customer


Speeding up communication with customers.


Paldesk as the main source of contact for SuperSport customers.


Handling large traffic volumes and reaching 91% customer satisfaction.


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Use Case

Customer support

About Supersport

The overall operating philosophy of SuperSport is based on modern business principles. Founded in 2000, they carry a strong and recognizable image. It soon became recognized as one of the leading sports betting and gaming companies, establishing high business and professional standards. Their everyday focus is on constantly improving services, while simultaneously predicting customer needs and maintaining customer satisfaction.

How did live chat improve customer support?

Before they decided to use Paldesk, they assisted users through the phone. Among the things that set Paldesk apart from phone support were the reduced waiting time and ease of archiving for future use. It was the perfect match, its effectiveness with customer support efforts combined with endless marketing possibilities.

As the Head of Customer Experience from SuperSport, Hrvoje Majdak, explained:

“Paldesk is the solution that enabled our customers to get in touch directly. Their messages became accessible from one place – whether it’s from web live chat, social media or email.”

SuperSport support - Paldesk Case Study

Most used features

After testing a few live chat software, the results were quite satisfying. None of them were as easy to use, or as powerful. Nothing could match Paldesk’s simple interface and business-friendly approach. Offering a quick way to get up and running, the transition came quite naturally.

Aiming to increase customer experience, Supersport decided on Paldesk Pro. As a result, they lowered their average waiting times and increased response rate. This was largely due to ticketing and predefined chat answers. From there, it was much easier building a strong working relationship and problem solve on the go. With the help of various reporting tools, they managed to keep a record of all the conversations, along with a complete chat history. Customer follow up was never easier.

Used Apps

Cloud, desktop & mobile application

Favourite Features

Manual Chat Transfer
Mobile Application
Agent chat
Predefined answers
Smart Routing
Conversation History
Multiple Agent Support 
Agent Group
Prechat Question 
Multiwidget Support
User Authentication Reporting 

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Team Collaboration

Advanced Ticketing System

Advanced Ticketing System

Agent Chat Icon

Agent Chat

Advanced Reporting Icon

Advanced Reporting

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Predefined Chat Answers

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Omnichannel Communication

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Conversation History

How does SuperSport utilize Paldesk?

Using Paldesk:  The SuperSport team uses both the Paldesk website and mobile app. Since they have lost agents and shifts, they use smart routing for fast and simple agent switch.

Core features they’re using: Ticketing – every conversation creates a specific ticket. The team often has some cases who need specific treatment, so it is important they have full insight into all tickets. They also set up a welcome message which invites visitors to chat, in addition to a pop-up chat window – to make sure the chat is visible for users. When it comes to chat analytics, they have a whole team dedicated to monitoring and creating various reports.

Omnichannel communication and multiple agents

Besides live chat and email, SuperSport receives a lot of inquiries from Facebook, where customers can openly communicate with their support team. Integrating Paldesk with Facebook enabled them to communicate faster – everything’s easier if because they’re answering from the same dashboard.

Chat features they use: Multiple Agent Support – sometimes support cases can be too challenging for a single agent. In such a scenario, the agent can add another one to help him resolve the case and find the best solution for a customer.

When it comes to customer support, one thing matters

Before Paldesk, SuperSport handled customers support by phone and email. It was good, but not enough for efficient customer support. With live chat, agents catch up on all kinds of support inquiries and provide their customers with relevant and timely communication. It’s always great to see your customers happy. They make for great business cases, after all.

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