Helping a nonprofit organization:
Responding to inquiries when no one else is available to chat

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Hrabri Telefon is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1997 with the mission to protect children.


Create an interactive waiting room with a smart chatbot.


Paldesk smart chatbot that talks to users who are waiting.


Chatbot provides additional education before contacting the counselor.

Use Case

Customer support

About Hrabri Telefon

Hrabri Telefon is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1997 with the mission to protect children. Its primary focus involves offering great phone support and systematically working to prevent cruelty and injustice towards children. They’re strongly guided by the principles of expertise and accessibility.

Helping visitors with a chatbot

Paldesk modified a chatbot especially to help Hrabri Telefon and is designed to be an interactive waiting room. This specially created chatbot offers children with issues a chance to talk to a virtual consultant. Its purpose is to provide informative and educational content developed by Hrabri Telefon experts.

Hrabri Telefon fetches more queries and user conversations through live chat, as well as part of the ‘Play Safe’ campaign. Its aim was to raise the awareness of young people and their parents about all the benefits and risks of the video game world.

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Interactive chatbot

The interactive chatbot developed for Hrabri Telefon enabled quick and easy access to information. It allows customers quick access using bots, even when counselors are unable to respond to their request. This way, Paldesk has improved communication between users and counselors. It also improved the way children and teenagers are educated, which was the goal of this campaign.

“We communicate daily with our users through chat that speeds up communication, and we are thus approached by children and teenagers who are increasingly using digital communication channels. When our consultants are unavailable to chat, our bot assistant helps our users provide additional education on the topics they are interested in.” – said Mirna Čagalj Farkas,  assistant program coordinator of the Hrabri Telefon. 

Live chat as an education channel

After the waiting room provided by a chatbot, every user is assigned to a counselor with whom they can have a private conversation. For counselors, it’s very important to have information about what kind of topic users are talking about while they are waiting. This way they can provide professional help to kids and teens via live chat.

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