Canned Responses: How to Save Time and Still Foster Loyal Customers

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Most frequently, people working in customer service and customer care, find themselves writing the same texts over and over again. Do your customer service agents get asked the same questions over and over again? 

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Setting up canned responses can be a huge time saver. Read on to find out what are canned responses and how your customer service can benefit from those. 

What are Canned Responses?

Canned responses are predetermined textual templates served via e-mail, live – chat or social media from customer service agents to customers. The main purpose of canned responses is to answer customer service inquiries quickly and effectively. One of the basic features of canned responses is their specific format. A convenient canned response has elemental details such as:


  • customer’s name
  • details of the company
  • personalized information
  • other related information.

Picture 1. The example of gmail Canned Response

Importance of Canned Messages

In today’s world of advanced technology and innovative ideas, the trends of customer service are transformed. The canned response assists customer service agent to respond much more quickly and effortlessly to customer’s issues. Instead of writing the same response every time, a well-devised set of responses are created to assist easy replies to clients.

It is a fact that all sales and service queries are not completely identical, but there are scenarios where the same concerns are raised by multiple customers at the same time. Let’s take an example of a telecom company, one of its signal tower placed in a busy area got faulty. 

The maintenance team was sent to fix the issue, and it took a couple of hours before it started working. Meanwhile, all the affected mobile service, users in that area send the same query to customer care. In such scenarios, a canned response is the best tool to respond to a high number of queries simultaneously. 

Why Should you Use Canned Responses?

Canned responses offer multiple benefits, which play a pivotal role in making customer’s sales and service journeys more content and engaging. Below some of its effective uses are briefly discussed.

1. Quick Response

This is the first and foremost benefit as it speeds up the response of CS (customer support) agent. If the agent is slow in responding, it will not only create a negative impression but also gives room for customers to ask other queries. This will increase the number of pending responses and emails, which affects the service level of the service department.

“The quick and active reply by the CS department by using canned response can resolve more customer issues in less time,” an extract from a piece of writing from business coursework help. If the agent already has access to quick replies, he/she can immediately respond to each question resulting in satisfying customer experience.

2. Saves Time

Time is the most valuable asset for any business. If a CS agent is wasting time in writing the same replies every time for the same query, it may result in a massive loss for the company. Therefore it’s no longer necessary to rewrite the frequently used emails and chat replies repeatedly.

Canned responses can also be used when a CS agent is writing a completely new email. Some parts of these canned messages may be added in the new email as salutation, introduction, and body of email have many similarities.

Video 1. Canned response in customer service call center

3. Reduced Typos

An email sent to the customer in the response of a query having typos such as spelling mistakes or grammar and punctuation can devastate the image of any business. It may happen because of a high number of emails, and during the fast composition of replies, an agent may hit the wrong character. The other reason can be improper command on writing skills can result in grammar or punctuation errors, which can be avoided by using canned responses.

Error and mistakes can also change to the meaning of a response. For instance, while sending an acknowledgment email to the customer, an agent in a rush or lacking language skills may reply as below:

We had receipt your message and we work on it.

The correct response would be like this:

We have received your message, and we are working on it.

4. Less Stress for Customer Service Agents

An agent with less mental stress can perform much quickly and effectively in comparison to an agent who is mentally exhausted. Reading and responding to various emails need proper attention and enormous mental energy. Businesses have set certain deadlines for responding to emails such as 24-hours, 48-hours depending on the urgency of the issue.

As canned responses are created to reply to various similar queries, the agent does not have to use his mental strength for each email. It just requires picking the most suitable canned response, which will help to preserve mental energy.

How to Help Your Customers (Fast & Effective) with Canned Responses

Canned responses provide an effective customer experience strategy. It not only makes the task easy for customer support representatives but also assists customers in multiple ways.

Quick and Active Response

A customer gets more engaged when he gets a quick and active response from customer support. If he gets a response to his email after 4-5 days or it takes half an hour waiting time during live chat, he would drop his order. Statistics show that 21% of the customers prefer it because of it’s convenient for them to chat during online shopping. Hence, delay in response will result in not only losing the sale but also brings bad repute to the business.

With fast-paced technology advancements, customers don’t want to stand in a queue or wait for a response to their emails. They look for quick and immediate solutions to their issues; otherwise, they switch to other service providers. For instance, if a telecom company takes time to resolve the network issue for a user, he will not wait for days and will switch to another network the next day. Therefore used of canned responses keep customers hooked and make him feels that his issues are being acknowledged.


latest customer experience trends

Comprehensive Knowledge

This is another significant benefit of canned messages as it can provide comprehensive product and service knowledge to the customer. It may happen that a customer’s email lands to a CS agent who does not have complete command about the product, which may lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication. Canned responses can solve this issue as all the information about various features of the product is present in the template.

The customer can rely on such canned responses which have accumulated information along with a mistake-free and adequate response to all kinds of similar queries. Let’s consider an example of an internet service provider, a customer writes an email to them as he is facing slowness of speed. A canned message which mentions all the possible reasons with its solution about speed related issues is sent to the customer that usually workouts if there is no major fault. This way, the customer gets knowledge about other related obstacles which may arise in the future.


Canned response multitasking

Picture 3.  The ideal chat concurrency is 4 – 5.

Benefits of Canned Responses

The value of a customer’s experience with a company is crucial as it makes or breaks the business relationships. Below are some stats by survey agencies reflecting the importance of satisfactory service to understand this concept better.

  • 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience 
  • two-thirds of companies will now compete primarily on the basis of customer experience!

Now let’s have a look at some stats about automated customer service.

  • 71% of consumers (age 16 – 24) believe that a quick response from your service team can drastically improve their customer experience.
  • Over 65% of US consumers prefer automated self-service, such as a website or mobile app, for simple customer service tasks.
  • According to Oracle,8 out of 10 businesses have already implemented  AI as a customer service solution

What Can Canned Responses Do for Your Business?

Canned responses have made things convenient for businesses as they have to worry less about the customer support department. It serves them in the following ways:

Handling Multiple Customers

Canned messages can increase the productivity of CS agent, as the time to write an email to every query can be utilized to serve other customers. Handling a higher number of customers can be done by replying with canned responses by changing the personalized details only. For instance, an online store has gifted discount vouchers to its loyal customers. Now due to system issues, customers are unable to use it and send emails to their helpline. A canned message can be created and sent to all such similar queries regarding the replacement of discount vouchers.

“Pre-designed and canned response allows less number of staff in responding to multiple customers at the same time,” says Peter Jones, head of the human resource department at Premium Jackets. It will also help the agent to handle two or more customers at the same time during the live chat by replying with template answers. This way, neither customer will feel unattended, nor will the agent feel the overburden using canned responses.

Enhanced Conversion Rate with Timely Responses

This is the most lucrative aspect as every business eyes to enhance conversion rate by turning queries from a customer into successful sales. Customer service is generally termed as the face of any business, as they are the ones with whom customers contact when they have any queries or issues. If the response from the CS agent is delayed, it may turn down the desire of the customer to buy a product or get the service of that company.

When a company is determined to respond to each and every potential customer with all the expertise and timely replies, these potential customers will become a loyal clients of the company. There can be adverse effects also as if an existing customer did not get a timely response; he may cancel his subscription and get services from other companies. Therefore, using this technology of canned response can improve the user experience that can escalate the chances of a customer turning into a buyer.

Bottom Line

Canned responses are of great importance for improving the sales and support experience of any potential client. A couple of things should be considered while creating or responding with this format, such as proofreading the template before sending it. Secondly designing them is such a way that it engages with the customer rather than just providing a robotic answer. Hence, a canned response is a useful tool that can help in instant and satisfactory interaction between a customer and customer representative.

Stella Lincoln is a Computer Systems Tutor at Crowd Writer. Her passion for helping others in their professional matters is the driving force behind her success. Moreover, she has worked as a Customer Service Representative in the Australian Master.

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