Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are companies that are specialized in a subset of outsourcing that includes contracting the operations and responsibilities for a particular business or organizational process to a third-party service provider.

These companies are focused on handling customer queries that come from different channels such as phone, live chat, email, social media or other.

What is Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company hires another company or an individual to perform defined tasks, handle operations or provide services that are either usually executed or had previously been done by the company’s own employees. However, companies outsource other companies sometimes for one project or task and sometimes they have longer contracts for bigger projects. Also, they are included in companies strategy and help them to grow their business and provide expertize.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is often divided into two main types of services: back office and front office. Back-office services include inside business methods, such as billing or purchasing. Front-office services concern to the contracting business’s customers, such as marketing and tech support. Business Process Outsourcing can combine these services so that they work together, not independently.

Do You Really Need Customer Service BPO?

Customer service is sometimes hard work to do in daily business but it is one of the most important element of successful business and great customer experience.
Great customer service can add fuel to the company’s growth by helping retain customers and acquiring the new one. But, would you build your own team or outsource a specialist for customer service?

A lot of studies shows that customers who have issues are solved quickly and easily tend to be more faithful and amazing brand ambassadors.

Outsourcing good customer service can instead of your money and provide amazing customer service at the same time. Having that in mind, working with high- duality BPO will take off the stress from your team and let them focus on important strategic elements- your product or service.

Business process outsourcing BPO

Benefits of BPO in Customer Service

Here are some outlines of the benefits and limitations of working with a customer service BPO.

1. Access to the Best Agents

A customer service BPO has access to a big volume of specialized agents. Sometimes there are agents with more than ten years of experience in customer service for the companies. having that in mind, it is a great opportunity to boost your customer service some talented and experienced customer service representatives.

2. Get Specialized Expertise

BPO experts can manage and scale customer service teams understanding what are your KPI (key performance indicators), first response time, full resolutions time, customer satisfaction, customer surveys, etc. When the thing is not going in the right directions you can always investigate and take the action.

3. Increase Flexibility

With customer service BPO, improve your ability to organize your team in the peak of season or provide after working hours support.  some BPO can provide international support that can also improve your ability to serve international customer worldwide by switching shifts. This is very helpful if you have in-house agents in working time.

4. Reduce Costs

As we mentioned, one of the biggest benefits is that outsourcing can reduce your customer support costs. Often, customer service representatives based inhouse needs equipment and working space which can be expensive especially in bigger cities and metros. Outsourcing helps you to eliminate that kind of costs.

BPO Limitations

When it comes to outsourcing, it is not for everyone. If you are running a small business and your sales pipeline isn’t big enough maybe it’s easier for the manager to handle the customer service team or representatives.  In fact, in the early stage of product launching, it is better for the company to have full insight into customer pain points and provide great support.

Also, if your company is a highly regulated industry which regularly only certified staff and experts maybe outsourcing isn’t the best fit for you

In short, every business has specific business needs that can’t be solved with a one-size-fits-all solution. The best thing you can do is to schedule a consultation with a customer service BPO to understand what solution will work best for your business.

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