6 Ways How to Boost Mobile Customer Service

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Customers have the need to seek support in any part of the day. But at the same time, thanks to multi-device and always-connected customers, they are more demanding and have high expectations for customers service. According to the Belding Group, 71.5% of the positive customer care experiences that people share in person, or on social media, start as negative experiences. For organizations, it means high investment in customer care if they want to have satisfied current and more potential customers. In the following article, we bring you ways how to boost mobile customer service.

Speaking plainly, if you want to have customers who are satisfied with customer service, you should react anytime and anywhere. You should, but are you really able to do this?

Interesting statistics from Convince & Convert shows the following:

  • 80% of businesses think they deliver superior customer service.
  • 8% of customers think businesses deliver superior customer service.

To improve the statistics on the customer service side and to inspire awesome customer care means being able to wrestle with strong mobile, social and millennial behavior shifts that happened in recent years. That’s why customer care should not be just a desk job! Instead, it should thrive towards creating a dynamic environment and focus on inspiring your customers to interact with your brand.

Boost Your Mobile Customer Service

If you want to learn how to boost your mobile customer service, follow these steps:

Ways how to boost mobile customer service

Picture 1. Six ways how to boost mobile customer service

Build customer care service

Research conducted by Sentiment shows that 37.5% of organizations have not invested in the right technology to support customers on social channels. You should invest in this service if you want to build trust between customers and at the end – manage your customer relationships effectively. Besides investing in technology, a company should always also invest in employees, their education, and motivation. The working environment should be friendly and pleasant for all who are working there.

Remote Work

You should be able to help customers and stay in touch with your team wherever you are. React promptly anytime and anywhere because the best time to help your customer is real time. Remote work can increase agents productivity because they will not be exposed to loud colleges or impromptu meetings with co-workers. The turnover will be reduced and stress will be lower. According to American Time Use Survey – 2016 results it is the future of work.

Increase your team

Thanks to localized customer care, you’re able to employ people who are responsible for customers no matter where they are. Doesn’t matter if your business is global, you should be able to provide customer care in every part of the day – even in their native tongue. Localized customer care makes it is easy to create and train dedicated teams for a specific location. Keeping this in mind, you will be able to hire experts in their field to work in America and in Asia. Trust your customer service agents.

Give customers what they need – attention

Recognize their needs, respond to them and give them even more than they ask. Give them qualitative service and the will return the favor with just what a company needs, and that’s good word-of-mouth. Remind your customers and some important information that they give you through some notes or tags. Mobile customer care provides you a possibility to mark that information whenever and wherever you want.

Happier agent = happier customer

If the agent is happy with conditions of work, if you have trust in him, his happiness will reflect on the customer too. Listen to what your agents are telling you, be flexible and have a positive working atmosphere. React to advice and change what is not working. Most importantly, don’t ignore your agents. They are the one who is caring about your customers and your business.

Customer satisfaction

Agent teams are responsible for customer care should be with your customers. They need to listen to their problems with your service, their feedback helps the development of your product and services. In that way, customers are getting what they want and you are building your brand. It’s not just a team of people who work for your company. The markings of an effective team are your customers and your employees together. That’s why you should always work with your customer.

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Using the mobile phone and the Internet is not new and strange for us. We use them in almost every activity, like contacting family and friends or business partners via phone or e-mail. You can even book flights or hotels, taking pictures of some special moments and share them online, for orientation in space using maps, reading news and a lot of other activities. Will mobile customer care be any different? Probably not.

The use of mobile phones and applications is intuitive to everyone today. No matter in how many ways customer care on the go is different from what has been learned so far, agents will need basic short tutorial online and they are ready to go and help customers in real time, no matter where they are.

Microsoft Corporation once said:

“97% of consumers say customer service is important in their choice of and/or loyalty to, a brand.”

Remember, nothing speaks volumes like a happy customer.

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