Black Friday Customer Service Tips: How to Rock Holiday Season?

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As we get closer to the most beautiful time of the year, there’s plenty of reasons why both customers and company owners are rubbing their hands. 

From a customer’s perspective, this is a chance to treat themselves with a massive discount. Wishlists are being polished and the internet crowd is waiting for brands to sound the discount alarm. 

But with all the discounts and shiny commercials tempting the customer’s imagination, it is hard to seal the deal and take your customers from visiting the website to actually convert and buy. 

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The key ingredient for the Black Friday success and Cyber Monday triumph are your customer service agents and your customer experience!  We have written down the most important Black Friday customer service tips that will help you out during the busy season. 

How to Prepare for Black Friday?

During the BFCM 2018., Shopify merchants around the world have earned more than $1.5 billion! And that is the revenue from the single eCommerce platform! Therefore, polish your support inbox for the upcoming holiday customer support inquiries, because BFCM madness is coming!

The high rise in demand is a really good stress test for your customer service agents. Above all, this is a chance to test out your internal system, processes between teams and how well your customer journey performs.

On the other hand, a big spike in your online traffic and high support demand is a great opportunity to make the GOOD first impression and seize the deal! 

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness 2019, what counts the most is how well you treat your customers and how well is their shopping experience in spite of the busy days.  

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Black Friday Customer Service Checklist

Researches have shown that companies can make up to 40% of their revenue during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Having in mind that most customers are willing to pay more for good customer experience, we’ve come up with the list to level up your holiday customer service.

Here are the top 5 things you need to watch out for:

1.  Get everyone! onboard

2. Predict the most frequent problems

3. Update your internal documentation

4. Test out your live-chat service

5. Plan for the rush hours

Black Friday Customer Service Tip 1. Get everyone on Board

Online first brands plan the holiday season way ahead. From creating the appealing discount deals to launch timeline on discount marketplaces, and creative resources for the advertising efforts.  It is likely that the entire company, from sales to marketing and logistics are involved in the process, so why not use that knowledge to get everyone on the customer service battlefront?

This is the unique opportunity to engage the entire company and get them to experience how customers feel about the company and products. Moreover, each of the employees will have the opportunity to get to know or refresh their memories about the products or services a company is into.

By using the existing knowledge from the colleagues in customer service and the customer service playbook that the brand has, you can easily get everyone on board!

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Black Friday Customer Service Tip 2. Predict the Most Frequent User Problems

It is always helpful to take a walk down the memory to uncover the mistakes that could have potentially been avoided. Based on the previous Black Friday customer service reports and Cyber Monday customer service reports, create a list of the most frequent issues that are likely to pop-up.

Some of the most frequent examples are:

  • beeing out of stock
  • slow website due to the high traffic
  • system outage – payment gateway or any 3rd party service

For each of these problems, create a scenario, pre-written reply, and a plan B!

Video 2. How complicated is your customer experience? 

Black Friday Customer Service Tip 3. Have Your Shortcuts Ready and Update your Internal Documentation

Even if you have a small team or you are working alone, writing down what you know and making it easy to surface when you need it, will save you time and effort. You might keep notes on the problems you’ve solved, shortcuts to knowledge bases, key contacts from different service providers that your company is using…

And if you do have other people jumping in to help, then sharing that knowledge will help them get on the track quickly, and save you from having to act as the lone source of truth. If they have access to your processes, internal tools, and guides, you’ll no longer be a bottleneck and they’ll be productive from day one.

Remember, to keep your Black Friday and Cyber Monday as smooth as possible you should also:

  • update your FAQs
  • add links for more information
  • create a bot to answer the FAQs

Black Friday Customer Service Tip 4. Test-Out your Live-Chat

The power of the live-chat is undeniable, it makes it very easy to reach out to the company in a fast and efficient way. According to Acquire, 79% of customers prefer to use the live-chat because of the short response time. 

The advantage is also flexible, live chat does not keep a customer on hold as a phone call or email and gives a possibility to multi-task. To conclude, live chat makes it easy, fast and satisfying.

Plan For The Rush Hours

Use the analytics and web traffic to avoid being swamped by user inquiries. As you approach the chaos, you can always do some practical steps that will help you during the rush time. For example:

– bring more people to your team

– use the chatbot 

Use Black Friday to Offer Amazing Customer Support

Use the opportunity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness to delight your customers and offer superior customer support. During that period, plan your customer service resources and marketing messages wisely to reach new target audiences and create an amazing customer experience. 

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