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Do you want a website for your business?

Good thinking! In today’s online-first world, a website is a doorway to commercial success and your WordPress theme, the décor. The more attractive your theme, the higher your chances of attracting traffic and achieving business goals.

With thousands of templates available online, choosing the right one can seem like a frustrating and impossible job. However, you can narrow your selection by setting a criterion that suits your requirements.

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Most experts will tell you to choose a template that matches your brand’s personality and facilitates the achievement of your business targets. Above all, a template should be aesthetically pleasing, simple, interactive, and user-friendly. 

This article presents 20 of the Best WooCommerce Themes for WordPress for your comparison.

20  Best WooCommerce Themes for WordPress

1. Astra

Astra is an e-commerce template with a clean and minimalistic design. With its easy-to-use features, it is perfect for online retailers. The best part of Astra is that the user can customize several pre-made templates in various ways without coding. It has widget-ready content areas that you can utilize according to your preference by simply dragging and dropping content widgets. Additional features include a fast load timing, clutter-free home page, support for high-resolution visuals, and an array of product displays. 

Astra best woocommerce themes

Picture 1. Astra

2. The Gem

The Gem is another excellent WooCommerce theme that boasts 60+ demos and over 100 templates. It has an interactive and creative outlook with an appealing design. Therefore, the theme can easily be used by creative businesses and agencies, business and finances, online shops, photography portfolios and websites, blogs, apps, and much more. The versatile template caters to multiple types of business and product displays. Moreover, the website has an excellent performance rate and supports SEO. The template is responsive, and users can maintain resolution across multiple devices.

3. Flatsome

Flatsome is another engaging theme that has multiple quality features. Some of them are a live page builder, built-in banner and slider options, cart drop-down menus, an extensive element library, 15 shop demos, and unlimited product page layouts. As such, it is ideal for various types of businesses, including eCommerce stores, freelancers, artists, and companies, etc. Moreover, the template gives users the freedom to play around with multiple features and come up with something unique. Furthermore, you can optimize the template for SEO. In addition, you can make it as fast as you want through simple coding.

4. WoonderShop

WoonderShop is another minimalistic template with a colorful personality. Prominent features include a responsive design, customizable advanced blog setting, diverse homepage sections, and compatibility with most popular page builders. Although it is explicitly made for online stores, it can be customized to meet business-specific requirements. The custom colors, buttons, and banners make the design powerful despite its minimalistic appearance. The template has 3 different demos and can be customized with a simple drag and drop feature.

5. Neto

The best thing about Neto is its super clean and straightforward interface. Complete with a boxed interface, Neto’s attractive yet straightforward design offers an ease of use with old-time charm. Its multiple interactive features include a responsive & flexible layout, detailed product descriptions, complete control over colors, and WooCommerce support. In addition, the design is flexible and can be modified and customized according to your preferences. You can easily add or remove certain elements, place your logo, edit the backgrounds, etc.

6. Ultra

Ultra is a template that comes with various options and lets you have control over the entire website. You can easily use the demo website layout or customize it according to your preference. You can play around and experiment with various options, including settings, content display, display menus, widgets, etc. Moreover, with Ulta as your template, it is a matter of minutes to come up with a beautiful website.

7. Digital Pro

 Digital Pro is a fantastic template; users can utilize it for e-commerce platforms. Optimized for speed and performance, the template has exciting features to make your website look good. You can easily set up an online store with Digital Pro and customize the website according to your choice. The 3 customizable widget areas give you plenty of room to adapt the website to your preference. 

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8. ToyShop

 If you are focused on building a website for kids or businesses with a color disposition, then ToyShop is the best template. It has colorful themes that can make your website look appealing. The fun and friendly elements in the template makes the outlook look captivating. The template provides multiple unusual elements that are used to attract kids and create a fun experience for the users.

Toyshop - best Woocommerce themes

Picture 2. ToyShop

9. Arcade

Evident from the self-explanatory name, Arcade is the perfect template for video-game based businesses. The template has a simplistic but modern design with appealing features. The homepage supports an easy-to-browse widget area that showcases numerous products. Besides, you can use Storefront Extensions Bundle to add even more features, including reviews, sticky carts, mega menus, and multi-column layouts, among others. Choose Arcade for its hassle-free display of a wide range of products and an easy to use design.  

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10. Cupcake

Cupcake is the perfect theme for edibles, including baked goodies, deli, and cake art services. With cupcake, you can setup your online bakery in no time! Its multiple features, such as a homepage slider, feature latest products, and easy to use homepage displays increase user engagement. Furthermore, it allows you to integrate custom made logos, shopping carts, header sections, buttons, and contact information as well. Play around with multiple options to display your work, add banners, carousels, and much more to make your website appear appealing.

11. Atelier

 Atelier is a simple yet effective template with 14 live demos and multiple customizable features. Interestingly, atelier lacks built-in support for customization features but lets users integrate plugin like WPBakery Page Builder and Easy Digital Download to increase customization options. Users can display as many products as you like using the Atelier template.

12. North

North is known for its convenience and ease of use. It provides a wide range of features that makes it easier for the customers to shop from your online platform. The navigation options are easy and friendly to use. In addition, North provides an AJAX-supported search bar, easy navigation, infinite scrolling, and pagination options to its users.

13. Porto

Porto is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme with hundreds of unique features for online selling. With Porto, users enjoy a smooth working design that enhances customer experience. Prominent features include customization of alerts, banners, progress bars, tables of prices, glyphicons, etc.

14. ShopIsle Pro

 ShopIsle Pro provides several exciting features for your e-commerce platform, including speed, a neat layout, and compatibility with popular page builders. Furthermore, users can optimize their website for SEO and utilize a hassle-free layout to great results. 

15. Hotel

 Hotel is one of the best templates for businesses in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and more. It has a simple yet responsive design with a large header integrated with an image and a CTA button. Although the template does not have a hoard of customizable features, it supports plugin integration that enhances its utility.

16. Lenscap

 Lenscap is an artistic WooCommerce template with complete WooCommerce support. It is perfect for websites rich in content as it allows extensive text descriptions. Its best feature is the impressive homepage that highlights your prized products prominently.

Lenscap - Best Woocommerce themes

Picture 3. LensCap

17. Highend

Highend is a flexible template with a responsive design. It has a wide range of features, including buttons, social media icons, sliders, custom widgets, and more. You can quickly build an interactive website using the Highend template. 

18. Creativo 

 Creativo is a versatile theme with a flexible design. It has multiple readymade templates, drag and drop content widget area, product page layouts, and an interactive home page. 

This easy to use template is perfect for online clothing retailers and other businesses with graphics-rich content.

19. EStore

 EStore is a template that is used to create an engaging online store. The options are neatly organized, and you can create a store in no time. The template is responsive, and the resolution is maintained across multiple devices.

20. Idyllic

Idyllic is a WooCommerce template that can create multiple types of websites. The template includes various features that can help you create a clean and simple e-commerce website. Not only can it be used for e-commerce platforms but also portfolios, event planning, corporate, etc. Create a clean and user-friendly website using Idyllic.


A website is like a window store; it is a look into your brand’s personality and values. It creates a significant impact on how your customer perceives your business. Therefore, don’t be cavalier with theme selection. Set your criteria carefully, and then choose the template that is the best match. 

I chose the 20 WooCommerce themes in this article for the attractiveness of their design, ease of use, and versatility of features. You can use these themes yourself or utilize professional help such as Magento Development Services to develop the perfect website for your business.  

Have I missed a theme that you like? Let me know in the comment sections below. 

Nouman is a digital marketing expert from Dynamologic Solutions for many years. He considers bringing all the keywords to the top of his duty and constantly strives hard to achieve the best result. Along with finding & implementing content optimization strategy, he is also fond of writing interesting blogs on SEO & digital marketing related topics.

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