Benefits of Live Chat for Travel and Tourism

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Live chat is currently one of the biggest things on the internet. Installed on websites, it’s the ultimate tool when it comes to problem-solving and customer experience. Its purpose is to allow businesses, like tourist and travel agencies, to communicate with their customers and to respond to their requests.

Many people think of travel as one of the most beautiful and fulfilling activities in the world.

However, it’s also not easy picking the ideal travel destination. Visitors of your online travel or tourism site are bound to have questions or inquiries that need to be answered. That’s where live chat comes in, providing a way to answer questions, guide visitors, and increase the overall engagement of your website.

What are the Benefits of Live Chat for Travel and Tourism?

The number of cheap bookings is increasing each day, which is also the reason why traveling is becoming more popular. Helping customers book their next travel destination with ease, live chat is currently the most efficient and user-friendly way of dealing with users in the digital world.

Such an approach offers a lot of different benefits, bringing increased value to a business. In an era where most services are provided over the internet, there has never been a greater need for such a service. There are several key benefits to using live chat for travel and tourism, listed below.

1. Improves customer experience

Customer experience is a segment where live chat has the most significant influence and brings the biggest value to a business. When a customer needs help with their travel arrangement, it’s most likely they’ll turn to look for advice on your website.

Making it possible for customers to talk to a travel agent over live chat should improve customer experience exponentially. Moreover, it provides answers to all of their queries, travel plans, and bookings directly from a credible source. That’s what is good customer experience all about, and live chat makes it possible.

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2.Drives engagement on your website

When customers need assistance in searching for the perfect destination for their holidays, they expect the best information about accommodation, flights, and hotels. Considering the big competition in tourism, customers are aware that if they do not get what they want, there’s always the option of picking another travel agency.

That’s why it’s necessary to engage the customer and provide support when they need it the most. Most importantly, make sure they’re satisfied with the overall experience provided. Always be ready for the extra mile to make your site even more travel-friendly.

3. Guides customers

Technology is improving too fast for some people, and they are not able to keep track of its development or trends. That’s where customer service steps in to help. Having the ability to chat with a travel agent online can make all the difference. He has the expertise to guide them through different booking and travel suggestions, making sure everything is in order and that they’re satisfied with the experience.

For those who don’t want to admit they have a problem on the website, live chat works proactively. So, if someone is a certain period on-site and hasn’t made any action or booking, live chat allows you to act. If some visitor is in a dilemma, you can offer them personalized suggestions and valid alternatives in real-time. This can affect visitors positively and hopefully convert them into customers.

live chat for travel

Picture 1. Live Chat influence on purchase by Lemax

4. Reduces travel reservation delay

One of the biggest problems in e-commerce is a payment. Situations where the card is declined and the customer in need of support. Moreover, there’s plenty of cases where the customer is missing information when he’s ready to book his next travel destination. This can lead to bad user experience. If something like this does happen, customers usually look for another website.

For this, live chat is the ideal solution. Always present and visible on-site, in case there’s a problem or issue in need of solving. In case of a problem, customers are likely to contact a travel agent via live chat. This lowers your abandonment rate and allows you to regain their trust in your brand.

Most of the hotels and travel companies in tourism using live chat just for this reason – to get back clients trust and attract new customers. This type of communication is much more convenient than traditional channels because it allows to chat and book travels at the same time.

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5. Provides fast responses to customers inquiries

Traveling is often not that simple as it seems. There’s a lot of details and to consider, which makes the whole booking process filled with questions in need of answers. When it comes to living chat, customers can get them instantly, without having to call or send an email inquiry.

The ability to get answers instantly is what makes live chat great for travel.

It is also a great way to retain your customers and secure that they will come back to use your service. It is to be expected that a client will suggest your business to others and bring in new customers.

6.Influences undecided prospects

Your potential customers are bound to have second thoughts or feel the need to check other sites before committing. Provide them with well-timed promotional offers over live chat to make sure they convert to customers. According to Supsystic, promotions on websites can increase your website traffic by up to 35 percent. Promotional offers usually involve discounts or unique loyalty points, building customer loyalty, and converting prospects into paying customers.

Online interactions of travel industry

Picture 2. Live chat brings smart interactions to the travel and tourism industry

Increase Your Travel Website Conversion Rates

Probably you know what is website’s conversion rate, but do you know what your conversation rate is?

Let’s say you have a booking website for kayaking. Each month you get about 40,000 visitors to your website and sell about 200 kayaking reservations. So, your website’s overall conversion rate is around 0.5% (200/40.000=0.005).

You can use tools such as Google Analytics to find this kind of information. With a live chat solution, your website conversion rate will grow.

Paldesk Basic Tips for Using Live Chat for Travel and Tourism

Simply adding a live chat widget into your website is not the only thing you need to know. Also, you need to do it right:


  • Widget Customization: the live chat widget should look great on your website
  • Widget Position: it should be placed in a meaningful location on your website
  • Live Chat Response: visitor questions answer fast with clear information
  • Working Hours: live chat should be active at least while your working hours
  • Online Customer Service Agents: your agents should be well trained to conduct chat professionally and with your business goals in mind
  • Live Chat Communication: set up your chat cleverly, to reach the right website visitors at the right moment proactively
  • Multilanguage Live Chat: if you are communicating with visitors from different countries, you should implement Multilanguage feature
  • Live Chat Translation: if your business is dealing with customers all over the world, it would be great to provide customer service on their language.
live chat for travel booking

Picture 3. Paldesk Live chat for travel and tourism

What Does Live Chat Bring to the Tourism and Travel Industry?

Live chat for travel and tourism is a bulletproof way to ensure excellent customer experience on your website. It enables you to instantly answers customer questions and provide relevant booking and travel information. If a customer is stuck, he can always contact a travel agent and get guided assistance.

Agents, if properly trained, will enable you to retain your customers, influence undecided prospects, and build brand loyalty. Good customer experience will probably keep customers, but it is also essential to gain new ones. Consequently, live chat brings instantaneous, customizable, and smart interactions to the travel and tourism industry.

Increase sales using live chat!

Increase Sales using Live Chat

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