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Beat your competition by offering automotive customer service via live chat.

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Help customers choose their perfect car with live chat for online car sales

Boost your team sales

Live chat for automotive industry lets you catch leads faster than ever and provide relevant information on time. Maximize the time customers spend on your website and let chat to be the first step to closing a deal.

Boost your online sales with automotive live chat
Increase your response time with automotive live chat

Increase your response time

Don’t make customers wait on a reply, catch up quick and boost your follow-up statistics. Forget all about piled up requests – connect all your channels into a single dashboard and be faster, sell more.


Built-in integrations with a variety of business tools.


Reply to customer conversations from Slack.


Connect Paldesk to over 1000+ apps with Zapier.


Drive all your emails from MailChimp into Paldesk.


Automatically push leads from HubSpot into Paldesk.

Provide support with live chat for online car sales

Have the best support team in automotive

Customers are bound to have a lot of questions when it comes to online car sales. Respond to their insecurities with predefined answers and manage their inquiries and requests in real time. 

Easy like driving 

You don’t have to put a customer on hold with live chat for automotive industry. If you need extra time to find specific information, create a support ticket instead. This will save all the data and allow your sales team to reach out with ease.

Create tickets on issues and follow up easy with live chat for online car sales
Help your company do and sell more with live chat for automotive

Made for everyone in your company

All departments in your dealership – from sales, through repairs, to loans – will be able to use live chat to assist customers. Help them with an adaptable communication platform for automotive industry.

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“We’ve seen the numbers go up ever since we started using Paldesk.
There’s been a 17% increase in closing rate, and our customers
genuinely seem more satisfied with the service provided. It’s
hard to imagine any daily support activity
without live chat!”

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