How to Achieve and Measure Customer Satisfaction

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According to business demography research conducted by Eurostat, the number of newly-born enterprises in the EU increased by 3.5% in 2017. Translated into numbers, that is 90 000 enterprises more, compared to 2016.

With so many choices on the market, customers don’t have troubles switching from one brand to another. Moreover, digitally advanced society’s ultimate request when it comes to brand loyalty is an amazing user experience and customer care.  

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We are living in times when customers are holding brands more accountable for their actions than ever before. In order to achieve customer satisfaction and develop a loyal customer base, brands have to go the extra mile. How hard can it be to make your customers happy and satisfied with the products and services provided by your organization? Very!

In this article, we are going to explore tips on how to achieve and measure customer satisfaction!

In Order to Solve the Issues, You Must Understand Your Customers

Everybody likes to feel special or at least, have the impression of being special. Our customers are not different and are constantly in search of some kind of recognition. If you win over the hearts of your customers with kind gestures that are irreplaceable elsewhere, there is a great chance that they will return despite the lower cost from other brands.

Think for example the last time you got an Uber discount after the 5th or 10th ride with them or free delivery for purchase above $50. Giving back to your customers and showing that you genuinely care can reap profits in the future.

Recreate Physical Store Experience – Online

In general, people who are looking to spend their budget on some product or service, love to see humans assisting them with choices and pampering their purchasing decision. In the store, that is easy. The cashier that knows the name of a customer and their preference will have a huge impact on the overall shopping experience.

In the digital world, live chat is the closest shot to re-creating a familiar, brick and mortar experience.  Having the ability to talk to a real-life person over the live chat when making a decision, will make customers feel special and pampered. At the same time, a seamless omnichannel experience, which follows the live-chat feature on your website, will increase conversions.

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Listen To the Beat of Your Customers and Respond To It

Listening to your customers and meeting their needs is essential for brands that want to last on the market. One of the tools that can help you reach that goal is the customer’s feedback. Feedback forms are easily implemented on websites and can be customized to support the numerous different question types and satisfaction survey.

Before you start asking questions and seek the feedback from your customers, consolidate focus points of what you are looking for and where are you going to search for it. It is quite different to ask for the product feedback or website user experience feedback.

After you’ve gathered quality feedback from your customers, respond to it with requested changes.

Go Omnichannel to Be Seamlessly Organized

To create an amazing, seamless and meaningful user experience, each and every part of the company should collaborate with one another. Digitally advanced companies who have successfully integrated omnichannel software such as Paldesk to their business tools and processes, stand a better chance to provide such experience.

Omnichannel user experience is no longer just a channel integration and content personalization for our customer. Today, omnichannel implies an organizational and structural shift in the companies where all the teams are included and held responsible for customer satisfaction. From product development, marketing teams and IT department, each and every part of the company is organized towards user satisfaction.

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Measure, Improve, Repeat

Customer service is our face forward to the world and our customers. The more they look at us, they become more and more demanding. In order to always look at our best, we must spend time to improve our outfits.

Set up your business goals, link it to the customer care department and create measurable KPIs for your customer service team as well as individual goals for customer care agents. This will help you keep the track over the progress.

Find out how to achieve customer delight & set-up customer support goals.

Create a chatbot that delivers

chatbot that delivers

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