9 Pro Tips to Create an Effective Instagram Ecommerce Strategy


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Choosing Instagram eCommerce for advertising products and services has become a very popular trend among product owners and entrepreneurs. If you want to promote your eCommerce business on Instagram, this is the right article to read!

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We’ll reveal some rules that govern organic Instagram eCommerce strategy in this article. After all, it is on this foundation that everything else rests or falls. Using these strategies you can build a strong online presence on Instagram. But before that, you need to know the importance of using Instagram for your eCommerce strategies. 

Why Is Instagram a Great Platform for eCommerce Businesses?

Increasing your eCommerce company’s visibility and caring about social selling can be crucial to surviving in the crowd of your many online competitors. Using Instagram eCommerce marketing strategies can help you stand out from the crowd while also increasing your revenue.

Using Instagram to generate leads for your eCommerce business is a smart move. Converting Instagram followers to customers, on the other hand, takes consistent efforts, despite the fact that it is a very simple task. Instagram is a popular social media network that may help you start, build, and promote your eCommerce business. Moreover, to be more professional, you can use special CRM software, make invoices online, and send out uniquely crafted emails and messages. It’s realistic to expect profitable sales in such a setting.
Furthermore, according to statistics, 25 million businesses throughout the world have active Instagram accounts. On the other hand, every day, more than 200 million people browse business profiles. You may see that your eCommerce company is likely to gain a good reputation by doing some fast calculations. To market your brand on Instagram, all you need to do is learn Instagram promotion guidelines and rules. And of course, make the best of them!

9 Pro Tips to Create an Effective Instagram Ecommerce Strategy

If you want to create a winning strategy and find leads for your eCommerce business on Instagram, follow the tips below and try to incorporate them into your efforts.

1. Know Your Instagram Audience

Instagrammers are not the same as website visitors. They have different demographics and preferences. The way you promote your eCommerce business on Google Ads should definitely differ from Instagram. So, before posting on Instagram, you should define a target audience. 

As an eCommerce owner or marketer, you already know that creating buyer personas is one of the most important initial steps. Try to narrow down your target audience and post specifically for them. 

You can use Instagram features like hashtags or locations in your posts and stories to direct your post to your target audience. Instagram has a hashtag limit of 30 per post and 10 per story. If you choose hashtags with a respectable amount of daily users, you can open 40 new channels for your post and narrative to be seen. They should not be overused or under-used.


Picture 1. Hashtags act as commercial for location on the picture 

2. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

This is how you can do it:

  • Choose a Username: Choose a username that is easy to find so that your account appears in the search results when others are looking for a specific keyword
  •  Add a Profile Picture: It is preferable to employ a logo to imprint your brand image in the thoughts of your target audience. You can also choose a relevant image for your eCommerce niche
  • Write a Bio Description: In 150 characters or less, you have the opportunity to present your eCommerce business in your bio
  • Add a Link in Bio: You can only have one link in your Instagram bio. As a result, you can include a link to your eCommerce website there and provide your followers the option of being redirected to your website. If you wish to include more than one link in your bio, you can do so by employing AI technologies that create a link for you that include all of your social network and website links. So, you only put one link there, but in reality, you add your social media links to Instagram bio.

Picture 2. Look at Nutella’s Instagram page!

3. Share Content Tailored to Your Brand

Instagram is a great platform for eCommerce brands because they can feature their products and services. Plus, there are many features you can use to diversify your produced content. Modern people are too much involved with images and concepts, so you have to add varieties to your Instagram content if you want to make your eCommerce business stand out. 

Regularly shift between photos and GIFs, and videos. Also, use all the features of Instagram-  Instagram feed, stories, Reels, and IGTVs. Write interactive captions for your posts to get your followers to talk to your brand. Learn to post to Instagram from the desktop so that you can handle all your tasks on the same screen.

The reason you should use all the capabilities of Instagram in your eCommerce strategies is to increase the engagement of your Instagram account. High engagement brings more followers to your account and more potential customers to your eCommerce business. 

4. Post Actively and on a Schedule

If you are posting limited content, you should know that you are endangering your Instagram engagement. Posting actively allows more interactions with your Instagram eCommerce business. Try to post every day either on your feed or story. But always keep in mind that you should not sacrifice quality for quantity. 

One difficulty that stands on your way to posting actively may be the lack of ideas for creative content. You can find relevant content for Instagram and add some pinches of creativity to them to make them unique. You can also use Canva, InDesign, AdobeSpark tools to make creative designs for your ideas! Pop-out!


5. Track Instagram Insights

Tracking your Instagram insights can show you whether you are going in the right direction. You can understand whether your content matches your audience’s preferences and impacts other essential eCommerce metrics. This helps you to make a better content plan that satisfies your audience. 

So let’s see how your Instagram funnel works regarding the metrics you can evaluate on Instagram insights: 

  • Followers and likes at the top of the funnel.
  • Comments in the middle of the funnel (i.e., engagement).
  • Use a UTM to track links in your bio, as well as unique discount codes in your posts, and this will be the bottom of the funnel.

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These metrics on Instagram insights can tell you the health of your Instagram eCommerce strategy and where you need to improve. You can also get to know the demographics of your audience and create more buyer personas based on them. If you’re lucky enough to have other contact details of your clients, you can connect with them via email or SMS, by using email marketing tools or a simple SMS reminder.

6. Organize Contests/Giveaways

Almost everyone is ecstatic to learn that if they do a few things, they can receive something of value in return. It’s the same for your followers! Organize contests with simple entry requirements.

For example, if the winner tags you in a photo wearing a funny T-shirt from your store, they can win a discount voucher. As a result, you’ll have a lot of User-Generated Content (UGC) and most likely a lot of new followers.

7. Do Influencer Marketing

You can work with micro or macro-influencers depending on your budget. Inform them that you are interested in collaborating with them, but do not press them to promote your product in the (brand) language that you prefer. Influencers have a great reach because people see a good part of their life so they feel more connected with them (more than with brands “without a face”). Make the best of this! Find the perfect fit for you and a great one for the influencer and we are sure that a lot of good things will come out of collaboration! 


Picture 4. Do your research about possible collab and find the one for you!

8. Use Shoppable Posts

If you have a Facebook catalog of products and meet certain standards, you can sell directly on Instagram in addition to your eCommerce website. You can use shoppable posts and tag your products on your posts once Instagram approves your account for Instagram eCommerce Shopping.

9. Run Instagram Ads

You may want to use the paid ways to promote your eCommerce business on Instagram.

Apart from collaborating with influencers, another paid solution is Instagram ads. One of the best things about Instagram advertisements is that you may target a specific demographic based on your budget. You can limit your ad’s target demographic by specifying that it only be displayed to 30-45-year-old men in Amsterdam who enjoy playing baseball, for example. 

Sponsored Instagram advertising can be in three formats: photo, video, and carousel. 

  • Instagram Photo Ads: Photo ads are single photos that use visuals to communicate a story.
  • Instagram Video Ads: You cannot post your Instagram videos as the video in your Instagram video ads. You can film them in vertical or horizontal style, and their time limit is up to 30 seconds. 
  • Instagram Carousel Ads: Carousel ads increase your Instagram storytelling because they can incorporate up to four photographs. This innovative advertising method has been pioneered by retailers, vehicle manufacturers, and non-profit groups. A Learn More button appears on each of the three types of advertising and connects users to your eCommerce website. 

For either type of ad, make sure you hire a professional or take some time for employee training so that your ads are more effective and bring more revenue. 

Wrap Up

Building a good relationship with your followers on Instagram will help you increase your engagement dramatically. It has the potential to bring in new customers to your eCommerce store and increase sales and revenues. Implement the aforementioned Instagram marketing strategies to get closer to your objectives!

With all of the tools combined, your user acquisition process will become more effective. If you are new on Instagram, you should know that it takes time and effort for your Instagram account to stand out. So, you should be persistent in applying the Instagram e-commerce strategies above. Wish you the best of luck!

I am Parichehr Parsi, co-founder of SEO Builders, and a freelance content creator and link builder. Currently, I write for DMPro and Realtormate. I love reading, writing, and doing research!

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