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Joomla! is the world’s most widely used, open-source, full-featured Content Management System (CMS). It’s is supported by a large ecosystem and powers nearly 2 millions active websites and its popularity is growing day by day.

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Joomla! is used by famous brands, non-profits, governments, companies, and large organizations worldwide; within different categories – business, media, technology, education, sports, photography, science, and health industry, among others.

You must know some Joomla showcases!

Actually, Harvard University is one of them! It is a testament to Joomla’s capabilities to have hosted the Harvard University website for quite a long time.

Gsas.hardvard.edu, the Harvard Graduate School Website

Picture 1. Gsas.hardvard.edu, a sub-website of Harvard.edu, is the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website.

In addition, the website works with K2 – powerful content extension – allowing users to create a website’s content easily but also providing a great tool for posting the latest news, sharing information, displaying photos and more.

If, for some reason, Harvard isn’t relevant enough for you, keep reading.

Here are the main reasons why Joomla! is the perfect platform for your online projects:

1. Flexible, Easy to Extend and Customize

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you want to create a simple, personal, site or a complex, business because Joomla! is a great solution for both! It has powerful SEO tools built and optimized out-of-the-box.

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For instance, Multilingual, Version control and Access Levels are already in the core and allow you with great functionality. Actually, you can extend Joomla! with more than 8.700 extensions. As a result, that opens up a huge number of functions. With extra functions added, it can completely fit your needs.

2. Joomla! is User-Friendly

It’s built to be user-friendly, easy to install and set-up for every user, either you are a web designer, web developer, amateur or advanced.

Joomla! is easy to create, learn, and work with.

Experienced users may need 1 minute to do the installation and 45 minutes to publish the content. That means a ready working website in less than 1 hour. So, no need for extra software. Everything can be managed from the front or backend.

Similarly, one of Joomla!’s essentials is User Management (ACL). ACL stands for Access Control List, it allows you to manage the users of your site, and different groups.

Besides, there are some small but helpful features that help you manage your Joomla! website more easily:

  • History: Display items you have made changes to recently.
  • Template Manager: Visually manage installed templates.
  • Set Admin Session to Infinite: Keeps you logged in forever in your session.

Check out JSN PowerAdmin QuickStart video:

3. Free Forever Open Source Software

The power of Joomla! community is based on the people who support it. Joomla! is created, maintained and supported by a unique volunteer community who believe that it should be forever freely available to everyone. Being free and open source also means that if you need to change webmasters, many others are available without having to rebuild your site!

4. Security Conscious Development

Joomla‘s dedicated Security Strike Team always strives to be ahead of the curve and has a reputation for releasing patches before exploits are widely known in the wild. It features built-in two-factor authentication and extensive access control levels.

Rotman Institute official website

Picture 2. Rothman Institute delivers world-class orthopedic care at dozens of locations throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Of course, you only need to keep your Joomla! CMS up to date! Thus it also has an easy core update to have your Joomla! updated with 1 click only.

5. Better ROI

Joomla! is easily maintainable so you can have a much better ROI than any other web solution. The rock solid code base and a large global community will help you get up to speed fast. Hence you can scale and add new features with fast turnarounds and without headaches.

For instance, Linux is a content-rich website with all information regarding Linux: software, documentation, and technical issues. It uses Joomla extensions like Frontpage Slideshow and Community Answers.

Linux.com website, news source for open source professionals

Picture 3. Linux.com website, a news source for open source professionals

Community Answers extension enables the Linux team to quickly find questions in different categories from Linux users and visitors, and answer them all at once, while Frontpage Slideshow allows the visitors to view latest information and news at the center of the page.

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6. Joomla! is Connectable

Joomla! is highly extensible and thousands of extensions (free and commercial) are available in the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED).

Do you want to connect your Joomla! website with a CRM, a web service or another API?

So, if you have the information (or your provider), you can make it work. Through the documented API and strong code base, you can produce quality solutions, that last and are extendible in the future.

Here’s an example of connecting Joomla! with Paldesk:

Joomla set up instructions - Paldesk

Picture 4. Create a Paldesk account and get your API key.

 7. Multilingual From the Core

Creating multilingual websites with Joomla! is a simple and straightforward process because Joomla! speaks your language! Over 70 translation packs are available for the core and out of the box support for multilingual content management and language associations.

Joomla! allows you to build multilingual websites so that users can select the preferred language when visiting. So, besides English, you can choose Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Catalan, French, etc.

Another example is IKEA – a prominent worldwide ready-to-sell furniture store that is using Joomla! to reach customers.

The official Ikea website is powered by Joomla

Picture 5. IKEA has a modern and clean website which offers a professional catalog of products and a feature of the store locator

8. Joomla! is Scaleable

Joomla! is to go for CMS if you need a good platform to adapt to complex needs, but it also scales for small businesses. So, with Joomla! it’s always a win-win situation!

The Hill, a congressional online newspaper, uses a Disqus Comment extension that allows the readers to post comments.

Official The Hill website is powered by Joomla

Picture 6. The Hill is built using Joomla! version 1.5 and has a customized template.

Moreover, with the integrated ACL (Access Control List), you can define granular access rights for different types of user.

Last But Not Least – Integrations!

Customer engagement is no longer a series of one-off experiences – it is an ongoing dialogue. This is why interaction in real time is so important for your business. Thus use live chat with visitors to your Joomla website with Paldesk Live Chat.

Joomla Paldesk Extension

Picture 7. Install your Joomla! Live Chat extension in under 4 minutes.

Paldesk is a powerful live chat extension for businesses that offers customer service to visitors from all your available public channels, including:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Mail
  • Slack
  • Google (Android) Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • & MORE!

Hence provide better customer service with help desk integration for your Joomla! website. Increase conversion rates and enable brighter interactions for your visitors while they are browsing in the real-time.

Learn Joomla! Fast

If you are still unsure about building with Joomla!, here’s a site that could help you:

Learn Joomla Fast, a website teaching people how to use Joomla

Picture 8. Learn Joomla! Fast is a learning website with a combination of simplicity and stunning looks.  

The website contains a register system and full-fledged e-commerce features. It provides you with a delightful journey with full page background image with header content, display of icons and feature items with custom grid column, pleasant typography, and nicely done animations.

To Sum

Whether you are looking to build websites or develop applications, develop templates, extensions or something completely new based on this framework, you have it all here.

The platform has already been used on millions of websites, with millions of downloads. But don’t wait for million reasons to start using Joomla! Its possibilities are endless, so get your new site up and running in just a few minutes!

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