7 Well-Aligned Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Marketing Success

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Perfecting the CRO techniques for your business is important because the Conversion Rate Optimization process is never done. Your company’s marketing strategy should always be in tune with your clients’ desires. In recent times, web visitors have become more selective and they expect an exceptional level of web presence in order to subscribe or purchase from you. 

The CRO strategy ensures that every facet of your site is strictly tailored to your target audience while enhancing leads, traffic, revenue, and also, customer signups.

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Raising consumers and lead generation companies are an evident advantage of modifying conversion rates. For instance, your traffic can remain the same, but your conversion rate is doubled, as well as your revenue. As Jon Correll said, “Start testing and stop arguing”, you have to try it to measure its real impact on your business. 

7 CRO Strategies for Marketing Success

Transform every visitor into your next customer with these customer optimization rate strategies.

1. Make the Most of High-Performing Blog Posts

There is no denying the fact that blog posts are a great opportunity for conversion rate optimization. To start, recognize blog posts with high web-traffic and low conversion rates. It’s possible that your promoted content is not fully aligned with the content of your blog post, which may result in a low response. A well-produced blog will contain tailor-made entries for people at any stage of your sales funnel, regardless of which iteration you decide to follow. 

Whether it’s simply resolving issues at the awareness stage or making suggestions that establish emotional excitement at the decision stage, the blog must cater to your audience’s needs at every point. You also need to have a look at blog posts with good conversion rates. In order to attract more qualified site traffic to your posts, optimize your content for search engines or upgrade it to ensure it’s relevant and fresh.

2. Utilize Retargeting

This method helps win back a potential customer who has visited your website. Leverage retargeting (also called remarketing) to re-engage those who have left the site. This CRO strategy tracks visitors on your site and provides them with online ads once they’ve clicked off and moved on to a different page. It is especially effective when you retarget people who visit high-converting web pages. 

Conversion rate optimization strategy

Picture 1. CRO strategy

For example, in case you ever visited a brand website, you might start viewing this brand’s ads next time you are scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed. This advertising strategy is based on the fact that customers rarely make a purchase on their first visit to your site. Nevertheless, the basic inbound rules apply, i.e. you require an interactive image, an appealing offer, and systematically crafted copy to make it work.  

3. Persuade Users Through FOMO and Social Proof

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is the reason behind many of our online actions. It is a powerful CRO strategy that can be implemented on a landing page, for instance as a time-limited offer. An important fact to keep in mind is that 7 out of 10 marketers using CRO use the results to create other marketing schemes. 

This can be applied to CTAs and copy, for instance by expressing precisely how long a person can use a particular offer, or specify the number of products left in stock.

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4. Convert Leads Into an MQL (Marketing-Qualified Lead)

Clear, compelling copy holds the ability to increase conversions and increase sales. However, methods do you prefer to use in order to transform visitors into MQLs? At times, your site visitors want to get straight to the point and talk to a sales representative, instead of being nurtured by special marketing offers. Now, you can make it easier for them to convert through a combination of smart CTAs and thoughtful design.

The most important point to keep in mind is that you need to search for methods to eliminate friction from the sales process. That said, in case you make it simple for people to book a meeting with a sales representative, make sure they are trained well enough in order to deliver a personalized conversation. 

Marketing qualified lead

Picture 2. The difference between MQL & SQL

5. Use Videos to Explain Your Product

Videos are the best way to engage users and make them feel involved by telling your business’s story. Whether you use hand-drawn explainer videos, digital drawings or claymation, they will help you effectively convey your value proposition. Gone are those days when videos were the “up-&-coming” marketing strategy for Conversion Rate Optimization services. Now they are a robust way to tell the brand story, establish relationships with your prospects and clients, and spread your value proposition through every marketing funnel. 

As businesses only have 8 seconds to capture attention, make sure your hosting is immediate enough so that those 8 precious seconds aren’t wasted. Also, your content should be highly engaging. Using video as a secret weapon on your landing page can help consumers learn more about your company, keep their attention and push them towards making a purchase. 


Picture 3. Videos – the best way to engage users

6. Tests Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are a relevant part of a modern marketer’s toolkit. The landing page is where the site visitor turns into a lead, or the existing lead interacts with your business. To make the most of your Conversion Rate Optimization services, these pages are a significant aspect of your site, so you must run A/B tests to get the most from them. Now the next question is what you should A/B test.

A well-performing landing page can have a huge impact on a company, which is why you should make testing variants as simple as possible. You can easily and quickly test content offers, website copy, form questions and page design.

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A/B testing

Picture 4. A/B testing

7. Create an Optimal Experience for Your Customers

Your visitor’s profile is sometimes even more important than your page. If your visitors are not transforming into customers, it might be because they arrived at your page on a false promise. These people will be hard to convert as they probably won’t stick around long enough. Furthermore, the fact that businesses spend as much as $1,500 per month on conversion rate optimization tools is enough to demonstrate the importance of employing the right CRO marketing strategy

To put it simply, sometimes website visitors do not get what they are looking for, whether you’re not fulfilling their product expectations or they are unable to recognize its value. You will be required not only to explain the products, but also persuade your clients that their business will not be the same without your tool.


CRO marketing strategy is the practice for getting the most from your website as well as other accompanying platforms. Only through testing and data can you determine if your conversion and optimization efforts require some room for improvement. With sufficient understanding of the above-mentioned concepts, your conversion rate optimization strategy will surely pay off. 

Apeksha Goswami is a Digital Marketing Executive at Activant. Her focus is on creating a well-knit digital link between the audience and the company which helps develop a sturdy relationship and drive new traffic towards the clients. She believes in herself a little more and also loves to express her thoughts to the world on Instagram.

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