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Customer experience used to be an afterthought in the past, usually handled via telephone or by sending a letter. Needless to say, all of that has changed, especially in the past couple of years. Obviously, modern technology has provided business with the means to communicate with the customers in a more efficient manner.  It has even automated some of the customer-related processes.

AI and machine learning are beginning to play a significant role in customer support and customer experience, but we don’t even have to go that far. There are plenty of useful customer experience tools and software platforms which can help improve your relationship with the customers.

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However, a lot of companies have yet to use these customer experience tools. If stats are anything to go by (which they are), they should. According to research, 84% of companies that worked to improve their customer experience have seen their revenue grow. And it’s not just the companies that report about the importance of customer experience. As much as 96% of customers have maintained that customer service plays a big role in their loyalty toward a brand.

Now that we have taken a look at the numbers, let go through our list of seven best customer experience tools that will help you take your CX to the next level. Keep on reading. 

7 Best Customer Experience Tools in 2020

1. Paldesk

It’s not possible to put together any kind of customer experience tools list without including Paldesk. If you are looking for a complete and effective software tool to improve your customer experience, Paldesk is it. It has pretty much everything you are looking for. Paldesk enables you to capture more leads for your business. The clever thing about it is that it does this through personalized online support. You can easily reach your customers using multiple channels. Reaching your customers on whichever channel they use will help you boost your sales. And you can do all of that using just one dashboard. You can pretty much handle all of the customer inquiries in real time. 

Paldesk is web-based, which means it can be accessed through any device. This makes it one of the most flexible customer experience tools out there. Your agents can serve your customers anytime, anywhere, as well as create tickets. Paldesk is not user-friendly because of the streamlined interface, but because of the way agents and customers communicate. In fact, this tool looks and feels like an app you would like to text your friends. And we mean that in the best sense of the word. You can use it for any type of business, whether it’s a dissertation service or an online shop.

Paldesk - customer experience tool

Picture 1. Paldesk

2. Satmetrix

It’s often difficult to see the connection between your customers’ behavior and your business outcome. Data helps in that aspect, but on its own, it can sometimes be circumstantial at best. Satmetrix was built to fix this issue. For example, in order to help understand where your audience is coming from and what their sentiment is, Satmetrix enables you to create advanced. These can help you make use of features such as segmentation by location, industry, or even a specific product or service. 

Another thing you can do with Satmetrix is manage all the feedback you have received from your clients. For example, you can gather reviews about your dissertation writers, and post it directly on social media. This CX tool provides you with more than enough features and data to help paint a more complete picture of customer experience and satisfaction. Basically, you get to see your customers’ journey in real time. What makes it so user-friendly are its stunning visualisations.  Visualisations help you get a clear idea about all customer insights in a matter of seconds. All of this will enable you to make tweaks on a daily basis, as well as long-term strategic improvements. 

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3. SoGoCX

If you are looking to improve customer loyalty and reduce their churn rate, then you might want to check out SoGoCX. This platform enables you to collect data about your customers at every touchpoint during their journey. Just in case that isn’t enough for your customer initiative, you can make use of the survey features of the SoGoCX. You can choose between a huge selection of professional, pre-designed templates. These can be used not just for gauging customer satisfaction, but also for collecting customer feedback. That way, you can get a better overview of the entire customer experience. And if you want to create a new survey from scratch, you can do that too.

As far as distribution of the surveys is concerned, this CX tool enables you to reach your customers through multiple channels. This includes email and SMS, and links or QR codes. Now, apart from surveys, you can make use of the powerful analytics features that are available on this platform. For example, its Key Driver Analysis Reporting functionality lets you identify the best and worst customer touchpoints. This should allow you to improve your weaknesses. There is also the Customer Churn Prediction feature, which helps you identify potential churns based on customer feedback early on. 

4. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot is known for its marketing tools and functionalities, as it’s one of the most popular software platforms among digital marketers. However, it also offers a feature-packed customer service tool called the HubSpot Service Hub. In order to make customer experience as smooth as possible, HubSpot Service Hub relies on something called the Conversations Inbox. This feature collects all of your communication with the customer, be it live chat, email, or forms. You can even keep track of as Facebook Messenger conversations, and put them together into one inbox. Not a lot of customer experience tools can do this.

This way, you gain instant access to all of your conversation with a particular customer. Furthermore, you can also make use of the well-known HubSpot CRM feature every step of the way.  This provides you with relevant context for every client and an overview of their history with your company. It will save you a lot of time, and the streamlining doesn’t end there. You can reduce the number of questions and inquiries by building a knowledge base. How so? Easy, by adding chatbots to your business’ website.

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Customer experience tools - HubSpot

Picture 2. HubSpot

5. Qualtrics

Among the customer experience tools on our list is Qualtrics, which allows you to gather data online about your customers. You can also gauge their loyalty to your business, and their level of satisfaction with your brand or product. You can even use it to measure the satisfaction of your own employees. What’s great about his particular app is that it has open APIs. This means you can easily integrate with any CRM software out there. That way, you can measure the effectiveness of your business strategies, and use the findings to come up with better decisions. 

Thanks to its own survey tool, you can easily gain insights into productivity, customer satisfaction, as well as sales performances. Pretty much every important business indicator, as well. And in case a lot of your customers are using mobile devices, you will love this one. Why? Qualtrics can be accessed through them as well. In fact, this may even be preferable , since the tool itself is dependent on mobile optimization in case of surveys. With Qualtrics surveys, you will be able to spot potential customers more easily, and enlarge your customer base in no time.

6. Medallia

We have mentioned that AI is working its way into customer experience, and with Medallia, that is exactly the case. This is one of the customer experience tools that relies on AI to improve customer experience. And it’s a cloud platform. Thanks to AI and its algorithms, this application is able to detect certain patterns of customer behaviour. It can also predict their next steps, as well as anticipate their needs. Medallia also has a powerful text analytics feature, which takes unstructured data, and analyzes it for themes and sentiments. More importantly , it helps you make sense of it.

Another reason why this CX tool has more than one million active users every month is its Suggested Actions feature. This feature creates recommendations and suggestions about optimal actions based on deep learning. Also, there is also Risk Scoring. This is not new if you have used CRM applications. However, risk assessment here is used to identify customers which are at risk of leaving. This helps you understand their intent and behavior without having to analyze the data yourself. You can get an early start when it comes to keeping them. 

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Customer experience tools - Medallia

Picture 3. Medallia

7. SurveyMonkey CX

SurveyMonkey is probably the most widely used tool for online surveys. This time, however, we are looking at their CX tool. SurveyMonkey CX enables you to analyze your customers’ behaviour and gain valuable insight in order to improve your revenue. Looking for a tool that is able to turn these insights into action? This is probably the app for you, since it will do that the shortest amount of time possible,  Not only is it able to collect customer feedback and satisfaction, but it also helps you understand it fully. Finally you can turn those findings into concrete actions, which is hard to achieve with most customer experience tools.

You can send out personalized surveys through several different channels at just the right moment, when your customers are paying attention. Of course, the app comes with advances features which include key driver analytics, as well as industry benchmark analysis. And if you have multiple members of your team handling CX, there is something here for you too. This tool enables you to share your findings with them through reports, data export, or integration with your existing systems.

Final Word

If you are looking to improve your customer experience, you definitely need to check out these useful customer experience tools. They will make your job a lot easier, and your customer will end up being more loyal and satisfied. What more could you ask for?

John Peterson is a professional journalist and an experienced Dissertation-today.com author. Apart from working for London magazine “Shop&buy”, he is also a professional mini-tennis player and a novelist. The name of his novel is “His heart”. You can find him on Facebook.

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