6 Ways to Use Live Chat for a Better Customer Experience

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Apart from adopting the latest tools and technology, improving customer experience is also the topmost priority for any company. It is the pulse of every organization since customer experience (or CX) touches each aspect of a business ranging from brand positioning and customer satisfaction to customer loyalty. Also, it is cheaper than any other form of advertising, satisfied customers quickly turn into brand ambassadors, bringing in new business. Live chat is by far the most significant channel when it comes to boosting customer satisfaction and improving their experience.

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With the help of live chat, you can turn each interaction into a memorable experience and build lasting relationships. It gives you the ability to deliver immediate answers, offer better customer experience and enhance agent productivity.

How to a Get Better Customer Experience With Live Chat?

1. Offer Immediate Answers

Live chat enables you to reply to customers immediately. Without a doubt, the first and foremost quality customers demand are quick answers. A major reason people use live chat is to have their queries answered instantly, since delayed responses may cause you to lose business. Indeed, live chat is an amazing way to connect with customers as well as strengthen their trust in your brand. 

Real-time messaging is great for onboarding, troubleshooting and nurturing customer relationships. When customers reach out, make sure to have an agent available, or at least include information about the average response time somewhere inside the chat window. You can also use pre-chat surveys, chatbots, and other options. 

Immediate answers statistics

Picture 1. Immediate answers statistics

2. Integrate your CRM With the Live Chat Platform

If you ask your customers to log into your chat form and share their contact data, this can help you boost the quality of your service. You can start off the chat on a first-name basis and store their information in your CRM. Depending on your platform, you can gather information about each customer that can be beneficial to your sales process or market research. 

This can be an incredible plus for your business, maximizing customer experience optimization and creating lasting bonds between your business and your clients. You can provide your clients with special, tailor-made information and offers, based on their preferences, making them feel valued and understood. 

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3. Be Quiet and Listen

More often than not, chat agents do not listen to customers’ needs because they’re too focused on offering solutions. One of the best ways to provide better customer experience is to practice simple attentiveness, which can sometimes be hard to do. 

Frequently chatting with customers gives agents special insights into the weak points of their company, and points them towards issues that need to be resolved. Listen to your customers and focus on their issues, instead of trying to give them a solution as soon as possible. 

4. Offer a Human Angle to the Conversation

Needless to say, live chat is one of the best ways to humanize customer support. It will help connect you with a human for customized support. It’s sometimes hard for agents to remain cheerful while interacting with customers, which can damage their general rapport. Create a connection by using agent avatars and names, so that customers feel as if they are talking to another human, making them feel safer. 

Agents should also greet their customers using their first name, as it helps build familiarity. According to eMarketer: “63% of customers who communicated through live chat said they are more likely to return to the site.” Be friendly and assume a positive attitude in order to develop a rapport with your clients. 

5. Follow up With Customer Feedback

In case you gather information about customers via a pre-chat survey, make the most of it. If they encountered a genuine problem that took a bit of time as well as research to solve, it could be nice to send them a follow-up email. Once your chat conversation is finished, use their feedback to improve your service or product. This helps enhance your communication strategies and measure customer satisfaction. Immediately asking for customer feedback after the live chat or demo session is the most effective approach. 

Running a company mostly revolves around pleasing your customers, building their loyalty and meeting their needs. Meanwhile, it is just as important to learn their opinions in order to offer the most exceptional customer experience. Feedback helps identify issues that ultimately result in better customer retention. Also, the best time to ask for feedback is after a customer completes the task/transaction or the conversation is finished. 

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6. Use Live Chat to Boost Customer Satisfaction

According to g2crowd, live chat has a 73% satisfaction rate as customers prefer to get their queries answered immediately. One of the major reasons why live chat support is the most preferred software is because it provides real-time customer service. It helps agents identify the issue faster, and improve their overall standard of service. Live chat permits multiple interactions, thus making it an affordable support channel. 

Providing real-time customer service is, undoubtedly, one of the most impressive features of the live chat service enhancing the overall customer experience. The ability to have their requests handled instantly, log an issue or know somebody is working on a solution is an advantage of live chat. If you own an online store, having live chat agents would be a great decision to improve customer experience. 

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Better Customer Experience Wrap Up

Learning to offer better customer experience on a live chat platform requires patience and time. Except for satisfying your customers’ wishes, increasing agent productivity, acquiring data and boosting customer engagement will bring positive results. Live chat will help you transform a visitor into a buyer and keep your customers loyal and happy. All of this adds up to a  premium customer experience. 

Harsh is a Digital Marketer at Chataffy. He mostly focuses on content marketing. Apart from being a digital marketer, he likes to read about business trends, technology, current affairs and scrolling through social media.

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