6 Essential Characteristics of a Great Support Agent


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Every business needs a great support agent that can successfully combine outgoing policies with the company’s interests. Agents are the main channel between the interest of a company and its customers. They have a big responsibility. Therefore, they must be ready for anything at any time.

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In this case, we can compare them to the position of a brand ambassador. Both are responsive and challenging. However, speaking from a customer support perspective, being an agent takes a lot more effort. Their job does not only involve resolving customer issues and problems It’s far more than that. They are mainly responsible for customer attraction, conversion, and retention. In order to do their job properly, they must master relationship management and develop a strong set of social skills.

What Does It Take to Be a Great Support Agent

Six characteristics of a great support agent

Picture 1. Six characteristics of a great support agent

Knowledge of the Product

The first essential is possessing the knowledge of a product and service offered. A support agent must be forever ready to discuss the product or service. More so, he needs to think of the solution quickly.

In order to do that, it’s important he knows details about company policies and every service it has to offer. Ready to analyze customer inquiries with ease, it’s up to him to come up with a solution to any number of problems. The confidence he reflects customers will raise company worth and trustworthiness.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a major thing in relationship management. Defined as the ability to identify and manage the emotions of yourself and others. Emotional intelligence is the key to all relationship management. The agent must always recognize emotions running through the conversation. Also, he has to reply with empathy and cleverness. We have to make a strong case of converting each emotion towards ensuring clients leave with a good impression of the service.

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Patience and a Positive Attitude

Customers are often very frustrated at times when they are in need of support. Patience is the must-have virtue when it comes to dealing with unhappy customers. The agent should give customers time to explain the situation. Of course, customer has to be greeted with a positive attitude towards finding a solution. Holding a positive attitude will steady an agent’s mind and keep him from doing something impulsive and irrational. It will also it will reflect confidence and encourage customer loyalty to the brand.

Here, we prepared a Happy Customer Guideline for you.

Adaptivity and Organization

One of the most essential customer service skills is adaptability to changing situations. Agents must be ready to swiftly handle every situation. From various customer demands to possible technical issues or channel switches. One service interaction may completely differ from another, so a readiness to go with the flow is crucial. Adapting is a skill of vital importance.

No good support service can come without proper organization and documentation, as well as effective time management. Storing every conversation conclusion and navigation between the windows and CRM databases is necessary for delivering a timely and positive customer experience.

Clear Communication

Communication, the essence of growings relationships, must be a balance between a professional vocabulary and a friendly one. The agent should be conversational and approachable, all at the same time. This is no easy task, but he should find the line of relevancy and resist the urge to overdo small talk. Customers need that human touch, but it’s always important to make introductions clear and from the beginning. Always remember that customers value their time, so be swift and equally helpful.

Willingness to Go the Extra Mile

Customers appreciate great service, but they love a gesture that shows real appreciation. Agents who go the extra mile often win over their customers hearts. Such gestures might include expediting a delivery free of charge or rectifying a billing error, connecting to another department or channel. Offering a simple courtesy when dealing with an issue, or simply asking all the right questions can give the customer an exceptional experience.

A Great Support Agent Is Your Brand Ambassador

A responsible and well-trained agent is a major channel between the company and its audience. With the potential to become the most valuable asset of a company, they’re a brands number one ambassador. Knowledgeable of the service and equipped with the right social skills, they can easily inspire customer loyalty and ensure they contribute to the company.

A great support agent also needs to be properly motivated in order to do his job correctly and efficiently. Identifying potential and making sure it is retained within a company is the first step towards building an efficient support team. Motivate them with a reward system and reap the benefits of improved customer retention and conversion.

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