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Let’s assume that you have started your own business. You’ve got the business plan and the go-to-market plan which includes both your digital and offline presence efforts. While creating your business plan and your market, sales and other strategies, you have noticed that you are missing out on something but don’t know exactly what. The core, pure essence of your company (soon to be brand), is called the brand book or as some like to call it a brand bible.

Let’s dig into the subject – brand building and how to create an amazing image! 

What is the Brand Building? 

Brand building is just one of the aspects of business or personal development. That includes gaining new values and increasing the worth of the brand. To build a brand, it takes a lot of time and resources. It’s not cheap at all, but it’s pretty expensive and complex.

It’s not only about communicating and exposing a brand, but creating values for consumers. To make it clearer, it includes all that consumer knows, feels and experiences about your business.

There are three different types of brands. Those are:

  • Service brand – this refers to brands that present some service (for example, Fly Emirates)
  • Retail brand – we can say that this is a mixture of the product and service brand (for example, McDonald’s)
  • Product brand – this is the type of brand that refers to the determined product (for example, Nike).

Now, when you know the term brand building, we can take you through the five steps of brand building.

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Define a Brand and Brand Values

First of all, you need to define your brand. That’s just something it’s all about. When you define your brand, write down all the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. If you’re defining a personal brand, then checklist the skills. As well, it’s necessary to focus on brand values. Brand values should show that they contribute to the environmental, social and economic well-being of the clients. Some of those aspects may seem less important, but in the end, every part has its own value.

Also, apart from the need to find brand values, you need a target audience. Find the audience which will find your product or service useful. When you determine your audience, it’s easier to define:

  • The mission of your company
  • Features of product or service
  • How happy are clients with your business
  • Why is your brand different from the others on the market
Target audience

Picture 1. Target your audience carefully

Brand Building Tip: Differentiate from the Rest of the Market

With the specificity of your brand, you’ll attract clients easier. Changes in the market are always welcome. Also, that’s the way to stand out from your competitors. Try to create something unique that will be recognized by the user. When you think of some great innovation, you need a well-formed strategy. Without the strategy, it’s almost impossible to achieve success. The main goal must always be that users identify your product or service as the best on market in that segment.

This helps you to determine:

  • Values and purposes of the brand
  • Characteristics of the brand
  • Visuals that will represent your brand.

Build a Brand

As it’s already told, building a brand takes a lot of time. What is necessary is to keep on improving the skills and values of the brand by setting new roles and assignments. This means the expansion of the brand. Otherwise, it’s always good to promote your brand on social media. That’s very popular in today’s marketing and one of the best ways to be noticed by a potential user.

One of the goals when building a brand is to achieve good personality of the brand, in order to make sure that people think positively about the brand. That is a motivation for people to engage with your brand. To make it happen, you need your strategy. It needs to be consistent and well-formed. When you follow your strategy, you can expect good results and reputation on the market.

Social media advertising

Picture 2. Advertise your brand on social media

Personalize a Brand

When you want to create a great personality for the brand, you need some unique characteristics of the brand. Also, you’ll need a campaign for personalization. The focus of your brand must be on the satisfaction of the customers. If customers are happy and see your brand as useful, it means that the brand has a good personality.

As well, personalize your brand. Let customers cooperate with you so they can feel relate to a brand. Top brands personalize the products for customers to meet their needs. That’s the way to make your customers feel special. Also, it will result in engagement and customer loyalty with the brand for a long time.

For unique of the brand, visual have their role. For example, a logo of the brand can be the segment of why your brand is recognized. So, it’s good to have a nice and unique logo. Hire a quality designer who will give you the logo that makes your brand recognizable. The logo provides the possibility to be spotted everywhere. That means you can use logos on:

  • Business cards
  • Marketing materials (catalogs, brochures)
  • Emails

Brand Building your Online Presence

With the popularity of social media and the whole Internet, to have a presence online is practically a must-have in all kinds of businesses. Maximize your online presence to make your brand more competitive and to expand your target audience. First of all, it is necessary to create a website. This is where it all starts. Website needs to be full of relevant information, but also well-designed and user-friendly. That’s just one of the standards in today’s web development. When the website is created, it needs optimization to have a better position in search engines. The optimization is made by:

  • Opening profiles on social media
  • Writing good content like blogs which increases ranking in search engines
  • Including testimonials on the site, earned awards, event involvements, podcasts, etc.
  • Monitoring success and reputation of the brand

What Does it Take to Build a Brand?

Building a brand is the process of creating values and gaining the reputation of the brand between competition on the market. That process can be done through the five steps. The first one is to define your brand. That’s the very basis of this process. When you define your brand, specify your brand. It needs specific characteristics that will make the brand different than the others on the market.

Then comes the building of the brand itself. To build a successful brand you need time and effective workers. Also, personalize brand for the customers to make them satisfied. The focus needs to be always on the customers. When you’re done with building a brand, use social media and be present on the internet. That is where users will most likely notice your brand.

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