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What is e-commerce? It’s the common term used for the buy, sell products and services online. Today, most businesses use e-commerce for sales. For e-commerce, it is important to have a responsive website where visitors can interact with the business and solve their problems in real-time.

Tradegecko provides us with the statistics of e-commerce growth over the years, as 43 billion dollars is made through e-commerce. That shows how e-commerce is popular and why businesses need their website and webshop. Moreover, numbers have shown that success is not guaranteed with e-commerce. According to Tradegecko, 45% of visitors can’t find what they need on-site and then they look for other businesses. These are mostly competitor websites.

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Some of the parameters which can truly improve an e-commerce site are listed below.

E-commerce Site: 5 Things to Look After

Promote Your Products and Services

Promotion of products and services greatly influences sales. More than half of sales come from promotions. All these promotions are not that easy to set up. One of the best advice is giving most attention to the most popular products and services. This means that most popular products or services deserve the most promotion and best position on the site. After all, maybe that product can be responsible for the popularity of the brand. For example, when car companies use their most popular car for promotion and attracting people to their site.


Picture 1. Promotion as a way of attracting people

Add Simple Navigation and Relevant Content

Navigation on websites is key. Even more so if you expect to spend money on this site. If customers aren’t happy with the site, if the navigation and design don’t meet their needs, they will leave. In this case, the business loses too much because visitors usually spend money on the competitor’s website.

Navigation on the website should be intuitive and simple. Visitors want to finish their job on-site as soon as possible. In design, there is an unwritten rule which says that every article on the site should be accessible in just three clicks. As far as content is concerned, it should be relevant and consistent with other information on the site. Content should be written with the goal to provide relevant information to the customer. That’s why content marketing is a great asset to every and any business model.

Provide Efficient Customer Service

Customer service is responsible for providing great customer experience. Good customer service plays a big role when it comes to competition. If customer service is good enough that business has a much better market position than the competition.

In e-commerce, customer service is essential. Customers need constant support, which can be offered online. Whenever a customer comes up with the problem, it’s the agent job to resolve it. It’s always good if an agent can point to another product and increase the overall purchase rate of a customer. When the customer feels comfortable with the service, the chances of buying more are increasing. These are basic tactics in sales. Kindness, approachability, and conversation with customer cause great experience.

Providing support to the customers should be available as much as possible. Live chat is currently the most popular way of providing support to customers online. It is also the most efficient type of customer support because of quick responses.

Optimize Your E-commerce Site for Search Engines

If you want to succeed on the internet and secure a good position in search engines then all you need to know is SEO. It is necessary to get more organic traffic on your website. SEO works on the principle to help people find what they need on the internet by matching their searches with the most quality results. To meet all the standards of SEO, the creator of the site has to ensure that the structure of the website is relevant and useful. The content needs specific keywords, catchy headings, readable and relevant. You should avoid making too many SEO mistakes.

Depending on what is being sold on the e-commerce site, the keywords are determined. The goals are to rank as high as possible keywords related to the website. The higher rank of the keyword is the better position on search engines. When a position is good then is a bigger possibility that visitor will notice the product or service.


Picture 2. Use website optimization – SEO

Promote E-commerce site activity on Social Media

Many businesses use social media for advertising and attracting new customers. That’s popular because of the increasing amount of people going social. According to Statista, in 2017 people spend approximately 135 minutes on social media in one day.

Social media is used for advertising because it is considered to be the place where people are most likely to see the product or service. Promotion via social media is one of the most efficient ways of promotion. It is not the only thing businesses should focus on while using social media. For some customers, it is much simpler to talk over social media, mainly because they spent a lot of time online. Having this in mind is bound to bring you a lot of good exposure.


While there a lot of ways of improving an E-commerce site, these five are crucial. Without them, you’ll hardly find your site bursting with quality and competence. Promotion presents one of the key points, as without it potential customers won’t even notice the product or service you’re offering. A website should be created with simple navigation and relevant content in order to provide good customer experience. Also,  good customer experience is quite important for efficient customer service. In order to better position your website on search engines, it is necessary to optimize it. The website should be optimized according to SEO standards. This way a business is always in sync with the current digital world, which entitles being active on social media.

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