5 Reasons Why UX Should be a Priority for Digital Marketers

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When focusing on building your brand, marketers mostly focus on digital marketing campaigns and forgetting on the other side – UX, which is vital when creating campaigns. These two terms are directly connected, and without one, the other will not be effective.

Your digital marketing campaign may seem like the best campaign, but if your UX is not right, you will lose customers and fail to generate conversions.

What is the point of great marketing if the product you are offering is not user-friendly?

So, don’t forget to put your focus on UX as much as you do on digital marketing campaigns because when you combine these two terms, you will get the winning advantage.

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Now, let’s explain the meaning behind these two terms.

What is User Experience (UX)?

UX is a set of strategies, tools, and methodologies that make a product, service, or brand focused on the user, rather than just on the company.

It is specifically about the experience when the user interacts with your product and it is a part of CX. About creating moments of delight for user.

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What is Digital Marketing?

It is a way of promoting brands and products online and through other digital channels.

Namely, marketers are using lots of different digital technologies to target their audience. Some of those technologies include mobile technology, display ads, emails, PPC and social media. It is all used to engage and attract their target customers, collect valid leads in real-time.

The Main Difference Between UX And Digital Marketing

UX design revolves around the customer and their feelings. It’s about giving the customer the best possible experience to make them want to come back. UX demands design knowledge, as well as soft skills like empathy.

Digital marketing revolves around revenue generation. The company’s well-being is at the core. Most fields require analytical, business-oriented skill sets.

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Josh Patrice about what impact SEO

5 Reasons Why UX Should be a Priority for Digital Marketers

User experience is an important topic in today’s digital environment. And for digital marketers, sometimes it is hard to know what is a priority and what is not.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why UX should be a priority for digital marketers.

1. Positive UX leads to customer satisfaction

“Simply improving customer journeys has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20% but also to lift revenue by up to 15% while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.” – McKinsey

Businesses must ensure the user experience is as seamless as possible as it affects every way people interact with your company. That is why UX is an inevitable element to building relationships with your customers.

It is essential to build a positive user experience because it boosts customer satisfaction and repeats business. Your customers are going to be happier and ready to share their experience.This is also the best way to differentiate your product or service from your competitors.

2. Good UX improves SEO

Josh Patrice about what impact SEO

A good UX can contribute to visibility in searches to potential customers. Having a good UX encourages users to explore through your content to find out more, therefore reducing your bounce rate.

Google is giving more consideration to your site’s client experience than you might suspect. The lower the bounce rate, the higher the indication to Google that your website is full of useful content and that it satisfies the user’s search intent.

3. UX Builds Conversions

UX has a significant impact on your conversions. Good marketing strategies provide customers with all the information needed about a product or a service. So, you need to put yourself in customer view, and then adjust your strategy according to that.

Guide them in the right direction, without any issues. If or when the user found that information useful, it will drive them to follow through the website to find out even more information. And from that moment, UX will guide them to a conversion.

Also, don’t forget that a simple call to action, if placed on the right spot, can lead to a conversion rate.

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4. Effective landing page design

HubSpot Landing Page

79% of customers admit to searching for another site if the one they landed on does not live up to expectations, which is telling you what?

That you need to create a perfect landing page that will pop up from the rest. It is the first visual sight that affects everything.

Well-designed websites may have a visitor-to-customer conversion rate of up to 200 percent higher than a poorly designed site. The better the user experience of your site is, the more likely visitors are to become customers.

So, make it easy for your visitors to find the information they need without any hassle. And also, by having a perfect landing page you are also improving your website conversion rate.

5. Optimize it to mobile

Some mobile statistics:

  • 67% of mobile users say they’re more likely to buy the product from a mobile-friendly site
  • 48% of the users feel frustrated when products are not optimized for mobile
  • With mobile now accounting for 65% of digital media time, the desktop becomes the secondary touchpoint for a growing amount of digital customers

You can see it is highly important to optimize your landing page for mobile users if you don’t want to lose your conversions and damage brand reputation. More important, the mobile-optimized site is crucial for a high SEO mobile rank.

To Sum

Since there are so many competitors outside, it is essential to provide a positive user experience for your customers.

UX can no longer be just an option.

If you fail to please your customer’s needs, they will simply replace you with another and better brand.

So, if you want to avoid that, you have to invest time, money, and resources to give UX the attention that it deserves.

To conclude, if marketing and UX are combined together, the customer will not only be happy on your website, but they will also enjoy the unified experiences before and after their visit.

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