5 Mobile Marketing Trends – 2019

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We can all agree that mobile phone became one of the most important parts of our lives. We use it for different purposes, but most of the time is spent on social media. That’s where businesses find an opportunity to utilize people’s addiction to mobile phones and social media.

Mobile marketing is becoming every day more and more popular. Why? Simply because people mostly use mobile phones for approximately 3-4 hours a day. If you want your business to be spotted, you should focus on users of mobile phones.

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Mobile marketing is any marketing campaign that is design and optimized for mobile devices. Also, mobile advertising became very popular since we use our mobile phones so much. It makes sense that businesses take an opportunity to get in touch with people on social media. Just look at advertising on two of the most popular social media, Facebook and Instagram. You can’t even watch a video without interruption of ads.

According to researches, 70% of people in this world has its own mobile phone. To have a successful marketing campaign, you should follow the trends, so you won’t be behind your competitors. Research the market, find what are current mobile marketing trends and try to implement it into your campaign. But, try to make your marketing campaign unique. That’s what generates income.

1. Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Most of you know that Google supports voice search. For some people, it’s much easier to hold a button for a few seconds rather than typing in a few words in the search engine. Currently, traditional searching with typing keywords is still the most popular and most used way of searching. But, there are predictions that say by 2020, over 50% of users will use voice searching.

This is something to think about and there are some questions that we should ask ourselves. It can have a huge impact on SEO, but we know how much attention Google gives to SEO. So, it is to be expected that it will be summed up in a jointly effective whole.

2. Use Video Contents

This is one of the mobile marketing trends that constantly grows and will keep on growing in 2018. Videos are a very important part of mobile marketing. Lots of business have videos implemented on site where video start automatically when the site loads. There are some standards that you should follow like starting a video without sound or using micro videos.

This is a very effective part of mobile marketing because some users prefer to watch a video rather than reading 400-450 words. These trends have a huge impact on mobile marketing, so if you’re creating a marketing campaign consider implementing videos on your site.

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Paldesk video example

3. Speed-up Loading

One of the biggest problems are bounce rates which, due to the slow loading of the site. Visitors don’t like to wait, so try to avoid these problems because they are solvable. Of course, there are problems on the side of visitors if they have slow internet, then will website load slowly. But, that’s something you can’t do anything about. So, optimize your site for faster loading because it prevents the bad experience of the visitor.

Google did some research that found out that 40% of visitors will leave the site if they have to wait more than 4 seconds for the site to load. It refers only to traffic, imagine the number of conversions you could have if your site loaded faster. This is one of the problems that can cause huge damage but are solvable in a pretty easy way.

4. Push Messages for Engagement with Users

If you don’t know what push messages are, we will explain. Those are the messages you get on your locked screen on the mobile phone. For example, notification for getting an e-mail.

This is very popular nowadays because that’s how you communicate with users and notify them about some news related to your business. What’s the catch about this? If you want successful push messages, you should offer added value in push messages. Otherwise, your push messages will be annoying and your campaign with them will probably fail. Also, overusing them causes dissatisfaction so limit them with the maximum of two messages a day. Android and iOS did a good job here. They made push messages very interactive and user-friendly which has shown great results.

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5. Allow Mobile Payments

One of the lates mobile marketing trends are mobile payments. As we already said, mobile phones are used for everyday activities. It includes payments in stores. Every year, the number of sales through mobile payments increases. Another research says that by the end of 2020, more than 50% of consumers will use mobile devices for purchases in stores. This will result in the bigger popularity of mobile wallet apps than classic credit or debit cards. So, to be in touch with trends, businesses should have POS devices with NFC technology that allows you to pay with mobile wallet apps.

Mobile payments bring benefits to both, customers and businesses. It’s much faster than taking a card out of the wallet. Therefore, you can make more payments in less time. While for customers, they’ll remember how fast they did the payment which will cause their satisfaction. This will probably lead to better customer service and increased loyalty.

Mobile payment is the future

Picture 2. Mobile payment is the future


With the number of mobile phone users, grows its importance in every activity in life. Businesses found it very useful for marketing. While people use mobiles so much, they found internet as a place where they’ll be most likely spotted. So, lots of businesses decide on advertising via internet. Therefore, a marketing campaign should be also adapted for mobile phones. It’s not rare that businesses decide on mobile marketing. That’s the type of marketing that is recognized as one of the most effective.

Every year, there are new trends in terms of mobile marketing. To stay competitive on the market, you should follow all the trends. In 2018, some of the trends that are popular are voice searching, video materials, fast loading of the site, push messages and mobile payments. All of those trends are welcome in every kind of business and will surely bring new values.

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