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Customers are getting more demanding about the quality of support they receive. Many of them are ready to stop buying from a business even after one poor experience with support.

Does this mean that you need to hire and train an army of customer support agents to ensure that every customer is satisfied? Well, no.

Online customer support trends show that more people prefer self-service rather than speaking to an agent. The reasons are numerous: waiting times, poor experience, repeating the same thing all over again, etc.

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That’s why using service automation for customer support is a better idea. If you’re looking to learn more about what automation can do for your business, read on!

What is Customer Service Automation?

Customer service automation is a process of using software to reduce human involvement in resolving customer support requests. Businesses often use automation software to take care of repetitive, simple queries and allow human agents to work on more complex cases.

Examples of customer service automation software:

5 Benefits of Automating Customer Engagement

Automating customer support tasks with the software comes with a bunch of benefits. Businesses can use automation to achieve significant cost reductions, improve customer support, and increase customer satisfactionNow, let’s take a close look at the five most important benefits of this technology!

1. Faster Customer Support

Having software deal with repetitive tasks that don’t require complex actions is a great way to speed up customer support. Here are some examples.

The first one: IVR.

Let’s suppose you’d like to log into your bank account. To do that, you’re required to pass the identity verification or receive a secure, which is performed by a bank employee. They call you on the phone to perform these operations.

Instead of having an employee call you, banks use IVR technology. The system reaches out to the client with a recorded confirmation call or a call with a menu of automated prompts for checking.

Using IVR helps to ensure that every client will receive a call as intended. The system works automatically, so there’s little supervision required from the bank employees. But having an option of reaching out to clients automatically can improve their satisfaction and service speed.

Another example is chatbots.

A chatbot is an app that simulates a conversation with another person via text. It’s becoming a popular customer support method in eCommerce because it can answer FAQs.


Picture 1. Chatbots are all around us

2. Lower Business Costs

Using automation is much cheaper in most cases when compared to the cost of hiring employees.

A typical automation solution has many features and takes care of multiple communication channels. There’s only a one-time monthly payment (typically between $50 and $100), which can be reduced by buying an annual subscription.

Service automation doesn’t replace all the support agents, but it’s not its primary goal. This technology is created to reduce the workload of support agents and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

So, by using automation, you will reduce business costs because:

  •     There might be no need to hire extra employees to handle more queries and questions from customers
  •     You’ll be able to retain more employees by making their work less demanding (the cost of replacing an employee can reach up to 33% of their annual salary)

3. Continuous Customer Support

Being available 24/7 for customers is an important competitive advantage and a standard of customer support. But…not every business has a 24/7 support department because of its high cost.

Automation is the best solution in this case. For a fraction of the cost of 24/7 customer support, it can help many customers find solutions to their problems.

Visual IVR is a combination of audio and visual content to handle customer requests. Here’s how it works. A customer:

  •     Calls your business’s phone number
  •     Chooses the “visual support” by pressing a button
  •     Gets redirected to an FAQ or self-help center page while staying connected on the call
  •     Uses voice commands to get help, e.g. saying “order tracking” redirects the customers to an order tracking page

The visual IVR system uses voice questions and commands to communicate with the user throughout the entire experience. So, it’s basically like talking with an AI chatbot that can help to complete simple operations.


Picture 2. Visualization of the IVR process

4. Fewer Human Errors

Handling numerous customer support tickets every day can be extremely stressful, so it’s not uncommon for support agents to make some mistakes. But even one mistake can be very costly to a business.

Microsoft research suggested that almost two-thirds (58%) of customers stop doing business with a company after one poor customer service experience.

Automation can help reduce the risk of human errors. If you have machines handling a share of support queries, then the risk of errors is practically zero. Customers manage their experiences themselves, and automated tools provide them with pre-made, correct answers.

Besides, taking away repetitive questions also means that automation gives customer support agents more time to handle every call. So, they can make a more in-depth analysis of every issue to provide the right solution and keep the customer experience positive!

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5. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Automation has numerous use cases that work to increase customer satisfaction with your business.

Unlike native apps, web-based apps require no installation. They are help centers that are simplified for use on any mobile device. A customer can access these apps by going to your website or directly within seconds.

A great thing about this automation technology is that customers can get support on-demand on any digital communication channel. This is very useful for businesses handling hundreds or thousands of customer support requests weekly.

Another great thing is that customers like using this technology!

A recent report by Northridge Group found that 63% of online shoppers have used apps for customer service. The pandemic is one of the reasons for the rise of self-help apps, claims the report.

And here’s the most important insight from Northridge: Out of those who tried self-help customer support apps, 77% say they will continue doing so after the pandemic.

Automation support channel would reduce the need to contact live customer support and wait for an answer. And we all know how impatient we can be!


Picture 3. Having a digital app on hand is a good idea to improve customer satisfaction

Wrap Up

Here you go, the five most important business benefits of customer service automation. With an increased demand for quality service, automation could be an effective addition to your customer support strategy.

If you’re running a mid-sized eCommerce business, then trying visual IVR would be a good idea. Chatbots could be the best way to enhance customer support of smaller online stores. But if you’re a service business, then IVR and on-demand apps might be a good investment. Try them out and work out what works for you! (and your business)

Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at Edubirdie with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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