3 Developer Conferences We’ve Attended During the Lockdown



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COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on almost all spheres of human life. During these uncertain times, we have experienced many restrictions caused by the lockdown, in one way or another.

A mere coffee with a friend has been considered a threat, let alone a greater gathering like a concert or a conference. And though it has made us rethink and reorganize our daily activities on the one hand, on the other hand, it has created an abundance of free time. And with free time on your hands, there are many opportunities to learn and experience something new. 

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It wasn’t such of a shocker for us developers. For most of us, our learning pace remained the same (or should I call it “isolearning” instead?). So attending an online conference was a simple add-on to our normal learning routine.

In this post, I’ve singled out 3 developer conferences I’ve attended during the lockdown. What is more, some of them may even retain the online format. That would definitely cheer-up our more “anti-social” and introverted colleagues, some of us here at Paldesk included, but we will see what the future brings. 

Here’s what have we’ve “isolearned” so far.

Developer Conferences We’ve Attended Online

Shift AI 2020

April 21st, 2020

This developer conference is great for anyone who is even slightly interested in the ever-evolving world of AI. The quality talks that inspire are held by lead developers from major companies like Microsoft, Google etc. Great organization, with little to zero technical difficulties broadcasting it online. So, make sure to check them out next year or scan through this year’s recorded talks on YouTube and pick what interests you the most. You won’t regret it!

In case you missed this year’s edition check it out here:

This year the topics covered:

  1. Graph Deep Learning for Real-World Applications
  2. Deep Learning in Intelligent Process Automation
  3. Don’t type your passwords, speak!
  4. Customer Support meets AI
  5. Doing AI Responsibly: Tools for Practitioners and Regulators
  6. Mission Collision: Artificial intelligence in the era of social justice reforms
  7. Trust & AI, considerations for scale
  8. Using AI for automatic synthesis of computer programs
  9. Algorithmic Fairness: How to identify and treat biases in Machine Learning Models
  10. The business benefits of privacy-preserving synthetic data
  11. Building AI-first Products
  12. How Google Uses AI and Machine Learning in the Enterprise
  13. On the Road to Artificial General Intelligence

If I had to single out which I liked the best, it would definitely be these three:

  • Customer Support meets AI
  • Graph Deep Learning for Real-World Applications
  • Using AI for automatic synthesis of computer programs

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Shift AI developer conference

Picture 1. Shift AI 2020


Shift Remote AI Ep. 01

June 9th, 2020

This is a more specialized format of the Shift conference that we have attended and it comes in episodes. As in its original format, it provides high-quality talks and gathers the brightest developers from around the world.


  1. Building Intelligent Applications with Azure Cognitive Services
  2. Can an AI Assistant be as Important as the Web or as Mobile?
  3. Build and Deploy PyTorch Models with Azure Machine Learning
  4. Using AI to build AI: Automated ML

Here’s what it looked like:

Shift remote developer conference

Picture 2. Shift Remote AI Ep. 01


Node.JS Global Summit


May 30-31st, 2020

Last but not least – the full Node.JS themed conference. I was a bit biased here since it is the technology of my choice. The most exciting thing about this developer conference was the introduction of the new features of Node 14. I really liked how supportive this conference was in relation to younger developers. However, I think that it still has some room for improvement in moderation and organization.

This was the first Node.JS Global Summit by Geekle that covered some of the more practical themes given our technology stack. Hopefully, they will continue to run the NodeJS Global Summit in the coming years. Go Geekle!

I’d single out these talks:

  • Deep dive into Node.js Streams
  • Request context tracking (AsyncLocalStorage use cases and best practices)
  • Using CDNs with Node.JS
  • How Javascript engine works
  • How OpenJS Node Certifications can benefit architects and technical leads
NodeJS GLobal Summit Developer Conference

Picture 3. Node.JS Global Summit


The conference lasted for two days and it covered these topics:

Day 1:

  1. How Javascript engine works: learn to write performant Javascript for Node.js
  2. How to contribute to Node.js
  3. Deep dive into Node.js Streams
  4. Async Hooks – a journey to a realm where data survives the event loop
  5. WebAssembly
  6. js N-API for Rust
  7. Aaaaah, They’re Here! ES6 Modules in Node.JS
  8. Have your cake and eat it too: GraphQL? REST API? Maybe you can have both!
  9. Request context tracking (AsyncLocalStorage use cases and bes practices)
  10. A world of Rest APIs … from Restify to a faster Fastify
  11. Testing APIs
  12. 100% test coverage is not enough….
  13. Creating dynamic testing environments with Kubernetes, Node.js, Azure DevOps and Helm
  14. Using CDNs with Node.js

Day 2:

  1. Tackling Dependency Management and Dependency Migration with Poise and Grace
  2. How OpenJS Node Certifications can benefit architects and technical leads
  3. JavaScript Supply Chain Security
  4. Race conditions, Web Locks and Shared Memory in Node.js
  5. js Patterns and Antipatterns
  6. Need to make a horizontal change across 100+ microservices? No worries, Shepherd’s got you covered
  7. Effective NodeJS Application Development
  8. Fun with async hooks and stack traces
  9. Serverless clouds and FaaS
  10. Introduction to Test Driven Development in Modern JavaScript
  11. Puppeteer can automate that!
  12. These microservices are made for testing, and testing is what we’ll do…
  13. Take Your Monitoring to the Next Level


This is what we’ve covered so far! And we are very much looking forward to new ones (without the lockdown part, of course).
Learning and staying in the loop is a vital part of our profession. And with conferences like these, we are enjoying every single part of it.

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