10 Ways to Optimize Your Product Landing Page

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Your product landing page is the first thing people see when they interact with your brand online. If you want to make a great impression, your website needs to meet customer expectations while still surprising them in new and unexpected ways. Figuring out what works best for your target audience requires attention to detail and thorough testing. 

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According to HubSpot, 79% of business-to-business (B2B) marketing professionals point to squeeze pages as the most effective product landing page type. Such a page has a single focus and purpose in mind. Most product landing pages fall into this category. Your goal is educating the consumer about the product or driving them to buy the item. 

Knowing what to include on your product landing page isn’t always easy. How detailed should your description be? Fortunately, there are 10 rules of thumb to help you create a product page that draws users in and increases your revenue:

How to Optimize Your Product Landing Page

1. Design for Mobile

According to Statista, mobile devices make up about 51.3% of internet traffic. If your product pages don’t adapt to a smaller screen size, you risk losing as much as half of your traffic as people bounce away. Make sure text, images and even the navigation change to match the layout of a smartphone screen. Think through the challenges of ordering via a mobile device. Make one-click ordering possible by integrating with Facebook, PayPal and other online services. 

Don’t just look at the aesthetics on a mobile device — interact with the product landing page. Test everything from how difficult it is to complete a form on a small screen to how easy it is to tap on a link and go to another page. 

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2. Use Bandwagon Marketing

You likely learned about bandwagon advertising in middle school. In a nutshell, you encourage leads to buy your product because everyone else is. The psychology states they don’t want to be left out, so they purchase the item as well. 

Don’t try to trick your user, though. Shoppers today are savvy and see right through tactics. Instead, be upfront about what’s selling well and let users make up their minds. 

Highlight the items others find attractive. Showcase your top-selling merchandise and the reviews explaining why others love a particular offer so much. 

Maine Lobster Now product landing page example

Picture 1. Maine Lobster Now example

Maine Lobster Now uses a typographical hierarchy that pulls the reader into the idea of ordering live lobsters and having them shipped directly. They indicate which products are their best sellers with a red overlay that pops and grabs user attention. 

3. Know Your Target Audience

The number one thing you can do to improve your product landing pages is to fully understand your user and their expectations. When you create a detailed buyer persona, you can closely match customer preferences to your design and layout. 

Create a buyer persona to represent your typical customer. Consider their demographics, psychographics and emotions. Survey your current customers and ask them what they love and hate about your product pages. Click through each portion of your sales funnel to ensure everything works correctly. 

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4. Interact With Visitors

If you want users to stick around after they land on your page, you must engage them from the second they arrive. There are numerous ways to grab interest. You can create animated effects when the person moves their mouse, for example. A side-scrolling webpage instead of a vertical-scrolling one also lends some additional interest to a page. 

Another idea is adding a live chat feature to your product landing pages. If users have a question that’s not answered on your website, they can get an immediate response.

Bellroy product landing page

Picture 2. Bellroy example

Bellroy creates an interactive landing page where users can use a slider to slim down their wallets. As the site visitor slides the scale, they see how much thinner the company’s wallets are compared to a traditional style. Engaging the user in a fun way makes it more likely they’ll read about the product and move to the next phase of the buyer’s journey. 

5. Add More Landing Pages

In the book “An Introduction to Lead Generation,” experts found companies with between 10 and 15 landing pages increased leads by 55%. If you have a few products you want to showcase, create individual product landing pages for them. Putting the focus on one offer at a time avoids distraction. 

Consider how specific your product landing pages should be. Do you want to group similar categories together, or would you rather have a single page for each product?

6. Use Relevant Images

The photos you choose for your products must highlight the items and grab user attention. Invest in professional photography to show items in their best light. Think about what you’d want to know as a consumer before buying the product. Offer this information via the text on the page plus the chosen pictures.

New technology is released every year. Think about what tech advancements are available to you and how you might work them into your product pages. For example, 360-degree videos offer one way of utilizing advances in imagery to showcase a product.

Other companies utilize augmented reality by allowing the user to upload an image and add the company’s product to a particular setting. Sites such as IKEA offer an app the user can download. The consumer then opens the app and points their camera at a room in their home. They can plug any product into the setting and see how it looks with current furniture or if it fits where they’d like to place it. 

Daily Harvest product landing page example

Picture 3. Daily Harvest example

Daily Harvest helps you get your fruits and vegetables via smoothies. Note the image showing whole foods in a cup rather than the blended version. The whole foods represent the nutrition the user receives from the product rather than offering another illustration of a smoothie. It’s a brilliant marketing tactic that provides attention-grabbing content. 

7. Increase Speed

In a consumer study by Ericsson, researchers found delays in streaming caused the same increase of stress within the body as watching scary portions of a horror movie. Most businesses likely don’t want to frighten their users or see them bounce away in frustration. Seek a hosting company that can serve up pages lightning fast. Compress images and reduce the number of scripts on your pages. Use any little method you can to increase how quickly your pages load. 

While your page’s loading speed deals with a different site element from your design aesthetic, it does impact conversion rates. You can have the most amazing product landing page ever, but if people don’t wait for it to load, they’ll never know how fantastic it is.

8. Offer a Demonstration

When people shop online, they don’t have the advantage of touching or seeing the product or service you’re offering. One way around this limitation is by including demos on your product pages. For physical products, add a 360-degree video highlighting the different item features. For services, you can provide a free look at what the software does.

Muzzle product landing page

Picture 4. Muzzle example

Muzzle’s landing page focuses on downloading their product. They then highlight the types of notifications most people deal with in an average day. The animation streams as you read about Muzzle, showing the need for the software. 

9. Write Stellar Calls to Action (CTAs)

Your CTAs tell site visitors what action to take after landing on your product pages. The buttons should be easy to spot, and the language must speak to the user’s needs. 

Start by choosing a color contrasting with the rest of the shades on your site. A pop of red, yellow or green is often an excellent choice. Conduct split testing to see which hue works best to engage your audience.

Play around with the wording. Use action verbs and shorten the command as much as possible. Some examples of great CTAs include “Learn More,” “Get Free Book” and “Add to Cart.” Keep your phrasing short, to the point and focused on the page’s objective.

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10. Create Informational Videos

Videos are one of the best visual communication tools you can use on a product landing page. People now have access to faster internet and can stream footage faster than ever before. They also want facts fast. Images tell a story more quickly than words ever can, so adding video speeds up new clients’ learning process.

For a product page, videos should hone in on the benefits of a particular item. Show someone using it. Highlight the merchandise from every imaginable angle. Create 360-degree functionality, so the user can look around as though they are in the room with your stock.

Keep Tweaking

The key to stellar product landing pages for companies selling products is changing things up regularly. Your customer base might change. New merchandise comes and goes. What works to attract new clients today may not work tomorrow. An excellent optimization rate only happens when you work at it. Keep trying new methods and testing each change. Over time, you’ll learn what your audience prefers and find new ways to draw them in. 

Lexie is an IoT enthusiast, digital nomad and web designer. She enjoys hiking her goldendoodle and creating new fudge recipes. Visit her design blog, Design Roast, and connect with her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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