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The aim of any business is to create a product their customers will love. Sadly, many focus on profit before quality or their clients’ satisfaction. Of course, most entrepreneurs can improve product quality, but relying on it as the be-all and end-all is not the best approach. That’s why business owners have to change something in their workflow to promote their goods and get positive responses.

According to statistics, just 78.5% of small businesses survive their first year. There are various reasons behind this, ranging from a lack of funding to incorrect management. But almost 15% has to do with ignoring customers’ opinions and needs. In other words, satisfied customers are a sign of success and an impetus for productivity. 

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There is high competition among startups and small companies. That’s why every business owner should understand that dissatisfied customers can easily switch to a different brand or company. Your aim is to maintain a constant influx of customers – the driving force of any brand. Consequently, satisfied customers will gladly spread the word among their friends and family, which is the best marketing anyone could ask for. 

According to Paldesk, one of the ways to achieve and measure customers’ satisfaction is through feedback forms. They stress the importance of conducting customer satisfaction surveys. Aspiring, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs, should understand the significance of this instrument.

In this article, we’ve crafted some great customer satisfaction survey examples that will help to make customers happy. So stick with us till the end!

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys are a truly powerful tool. Sometimes it’s even better to pay attention to the human factor, as it can be incredibly valuable. When conducted properly, a survey will give information like no other tool. 

Here’s why a satisfaction survey is so important:

  • Customers can express their opinions and views directly on the brand’s website. People consider it an added value. In other words, the presence of a special feedback form or tab shows that the company takes their opinions seriously. It can greatly affect their attitudes towards a product.
  • A comparative analysis of people’s feedback can help set priorities. Moreover, once you’ve become aware of your weak spots, you can focus on identifying the problems and ultimately solving them.
  • Progress monitoring. As an illustration, if a brand periodically conducts surveys, they’ll be able to keep track of changes. It’s better not to change the questions in each survey since tracking changes will help evaluate your progress.
  • Increasing the company’s turnover. As an unwritten rule, happy customers return. And in general, the more customers you have, the more goods and services you can sell.  If a brand has ‘regulars’, it’s a sign of good work.

10 Best Samples of Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Congratulations! You’re halfway to success – you’ve found an accurate instrument for the assessment of customers’ opinions and you understand its advantages. All you have to do now is find samples of survey questions and include your feedback form. Additionally, keep in mind that a personal approach and a creative attitude are a must. 

There are many ways to ask your customers about the quality of your product – you can even come up with some of them on your own. But there are some basics you should know. For example, consider the types of questions you include in your survey. Here are the customer satisfaction survey examples that will help you acquire key information.

1. Multiple-Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions are the most popular type in various questionnaires. Customers are meant to select one of the proposed answers, and there’s no limit to the number of options you can use. Bear in mind, however, that too many options often results in vague answers.  In either case, it’s easy to understand why these types of questions are so popular: they’re simple, clear and don’t take up too much time. 


Picture 1. Multiple-choice questions

2. Open-Ended Questions

These are the most informative type of questions, although they take up more time and demand more creativity from the interviewee. Although most people won’t take the time to answer, your loyal customers will always participate, since they are attached to your brand and want you to succeed. You can formulate questions however you like, as long as they’re effective. 

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3. Boundary Survey

Also known as milestone questions, these are intended to gather information after a certain period of time. Instead of asking for feedback immediately after registration, you can contact your customer after a month, to get their thoughts and general impressions. For example milestone questions can be “How would you describe the product/service you’ve received?” or “How happy you are with the product?”. 

4. Likert Scale Question

This scale consists of 5 or 7 points. It’s used to assess the degree of agreement or disagreement with a statement. Point 1 usually means “completely disagree’, whereas the opposite, point 5 (or 7) stands for “totally agree”. Additionally, intermediate points signify ambivalence or indifference.

5. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS questions bear a strong resemblance to the Likert Scale.  However, the difference is that they are meant to evaluate the likelihood of recommending a company/brand/ product to friends and acquaintances. Respondents are offered a scale ranging from “I won’t recommend in any case” to “I would definitely recommend’. Then, the interviewer divides them into three groups and calculates the index of both supporters and opponents of the brand.

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6. Concept Testing

Concept surveys are done before you launch a new product or service in order to test the waters. In this way you can check how your existing customers like your new ideas and collect useful feedback. Based on this feedback you can make improvements before you actually launch your new product and improve your custoemr experience once you present it to the world.

You can ask something like “What’s your first impression of this product?” or “How likely would you buy it if it was available today?”. Anything that can help you tweak your product before launching.

7. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

CSATs are one of the simplest and most straightforward types of questions. Customer satisfaction survey questions can be diverse – for example, “How well are you satisfied with the product?” or “ Did you get what you’ve wanted?”. In the end, customers should only evaluate the product on a rating scale from 1 to 10.


8. Future Actions Questions

This is a set of question which will enable your customer service team to follow-up and to contact this customer again. Generally speaking, these questions are useful if you want feedback from the same customers in the future. For example “May we contact you to follow up in the future?”, “If we’ll have updates in the future, will you be willing to take this survey again?”, etc.

9. Customer Effort Score

CES aims to evaluate the amount of effort required to obtain an answer or solve an issue relying only on your customer support. You can send these short surveys out once a support ticket has been closed, asking customers to rate the service received. If you asked them how easy it was to solve a problem, their replies can range from “Very Easy” to “Very Difficult”. 

Customer effort score

Picture 3. Customer effort score

10. Customer Demographics Questions

These questions aim to discover everything about your customers. These questions help you understand your customers and create buyer personas. Some examples would be “Where do you live?”, “What is your age?” etc.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples Wrap-Up

Ultimately, you should do whatever you can to get to know your target audience better. You can easily measure customer satisfaction and find out what they think about your company. Identify your weak points and focus on removing them. Do your best to make your customers happy and watch your business reap the rewards. 

Which one of these customer satisfaction survey examples do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Bailey Belmont is a Content Manager at Handmade Writing, prolific blogger and sites contributor. An avid reader of science fiction and history books, she has a creative mind and a spirit of adventure that inspires her to help others learn the writing skills. 

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